African American Natural Hair Styles with Waves 

African american natural hair styles with waves has many advantages. Texture provides instant glam compared to plane straight hair and when your hair is natural you can easily add Twist or even braids to give it that extra flare.

Whether your hair is naturally wavy or you just have a desire to create a look of faux waves, allow the following styles to inspire and lead you in the right direction.

Finger Wave Method 

I absolutely love this look as it gives life to the waves with its subtle burgundy shade. These are Marcel/(finger) waves giving off one of the old school african american natural  hair styles. This look involves the use of your fingers to form an “S” shape and held down with clips to sculpt it into place.

As for the color, this color appears to be closest to a 99J in beauty Supply stores but you can go with whatever color burgundy you desire. 

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Tight Waves w/ Side Part

Adding a side part to natural wavy hair gives off a sassy look. Side parts allows you to accentuate the arch of your eyebrows. Therefore if your into your eyebrows consider a side part.

Use a good edge control for natural hair to slick those edges down for neat look . If you're trying to create this look with tracking hair there is weaving  available very similar if not identical to this exact texture.  

Lace Wig w/ Natural Wavy Hair

This is a beautiful full head of natural waves that can also be achieved even if your hair is not already this texture. Get the look by incorporating several parts and braiding your hair into single braids while wet. This would be braids that swing not french braids(cornrows).

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Braid Out from Wet Hair

Another one of the latest and effortless African American natural hair styles is the look of waves with a side part which can be achieved with a “Braid Out” This is is nothing more than braiding your hair into several big braids while wet followed by taking the braids out once the hair has dried.

Full Wig w/ Loose Waves

Achieve this look with a full wig made of natural hair with loose wave. Full wigs are very convenient when you don't have time to blend your edged with your weave everyday, as none of your edges will be left out. 

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If your hair is not 100% natural  but you desire this look there are many ways to still get the look. One styling method would be a lace wig with natural hair which would be a bit pricey but you will achieve the look you want.

If you are natural and want to ad weaving for added volume and or length one tip is to purchase hair with the same texture as yours. This will persuade your real hair to go with the flow of your weave. One example is during exercise or just being exposed to humidity in general your hair will wave up therefore you will want the weave to follow.

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