"Which Beehive Hairstyle Inspired By Pop Singer Beyonce Knowles Put a Ring On it Video Do You like"?

A beehive hairstyle, is also known as the B-52 style and looks the same as a bouffant which is a look of the 60s beehive hair.

Let five or more of the following images and videos inspire you now!

Create a top do such as this one that results in a beehive look which provides excellent height at the crown.

This hair style looks extremely elegant from every angle including the front, back and sides. This beehive is easy to create with the use of bobby pins, and hair brush.

Top Do Beehive

beehive hair style

A double bun beehive such as this one is very chic, sophisticated and timeless.

It’s the type of updo that allows you to exude a classic sense of style.

The added accessory gives it a contemporary feel to the sleek and neat well groomed look.

Double Bun Beehive

beehive hair

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Rather than smoothing all of your hair up into a well groomed beehive, why not give it a twist, by leaving the back to flow freely and show off its natural texture.

Doing this will give it a more subtle looking appearance and evens out the look.

A beehive styled at the top of the crown, gives a borderline quiff type of retro stare.

The styling of this look demands the same task as any other beehive, which is the use of styling gel, a little bit of backcombing starting from the roots, and holding spray to ensure placement.

Natural Texture Beehive

Quiff Type Beehive

Half Up Half Down Beehive

Uncover the face, with a strikingly stare of platinum blonde that’s shaped into a perfect beehive at the top of the crown.

This particular style is perfect for both day and night, and makes a smoky eye look absolutely stunning when clubbing or even an evening dinner. 

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60s beehive hair

Those of you, who wish to wear the back of your hair down, can still give off a wow factor, by creating a top do into a neat and sleek dual looking beehive.

It draws the hair up and away from the face, leaving a back look of loosely curled strands around the neck to create softness.


Dual Crown Beehive

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