Various Installs of  Black Bob Hair
Ideal for BOTH Natural and Relaxed Hair.  

Bone Straight w/ Fresh Relaxer

This asymmetrical Bob has a few tracks(wefts) are added to the sides for extra length. 

The precision and bone straight ends is what makes it very edgy giving it high drama and pure attitude. The side part accentuates the eyes and emphasis a beautiful arch. 

Styling Options: In order to get a bone straight and precision cut such is this look, one must consider a fresh relaxer, the service of a precision bob cut from your professional stylists and a few tracks added from the exaggerated asymmetry look. 

Avoid a a quick weave or wig if you prefer this exact look, so that your part shows. 

Hair Type: Relaxed

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Custom Unit

This is a very classic black bob hair style that was made into a custom wig. The biggest advantage to having a custom wig made is that you can rock any color your like without the hassle of chemically coloring your own hair. Choose any color you like as your hair will be covered completely with this method of styling. 

Styling Options: To get this exact look seek the service of having a custom wig made, using human hair. The hair does not have to be virgin but should be yaki human hair at least, and not a blend of yaki/synthetic fibers. Be sure the person helping you at your local beauty supply store specifies what you are purchasing, as this can be very tricky for some. 

This particular styling option will not only work on women with relaxed hair, but on natural hair as well due to the fact that ALL of your natural hair will be covered.

Hair Type: Relaxed or Natural 

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Reversed Ombre

This bob has so much attitude with its reverse Ombre look. This particular blonde is considered for most a honey blonde, and makes the skin glow. 

Styling Options: There are a  variety of ways to accomplish this look. One of them would be to seek the service of a quick weave, or invisible part. You can also have your hair cut colored and styled this way, but why place the stress on your real hair with chemical coloring, and sacrificing the length when a quick weave will do the trick?

This look will afford well on BOTH relaxed or natural woman the suggested styling methods will have ALL of your real hair concealed.

Hair Type: Relaxed or Natural 

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When using your own hair or even a few tracks(wefts) a look such as this bob will be very natural looking in appearance. A fresh relaxer is suggested for proper blending as your natural hair will be out and wave up if you are exposed to humidity often. 

Styling Options: You can complete this look by bonding(gluing) tracks in y our hair or sewing tracks in your hair. The difference is that when hair is sewn in it moves a lot compared to when tracks are glued in which stays in one spot. Be sure to purchase human hair and not human hair blend. Virgin hair is not necessary although it can be used. 

Hair Type: Relaxed   

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Custom Unit w/ Bangs

A short bob with bangs is very classic and elegant. 

Hints of burgundy are added to add warmth which affords well during any time of the year. 

Styling Options: There are a variety of ways to achieve this look. The easiest would be to have a full custom wig made. Another alternative would be a quick weave or to have your natural hair cut colored and styled this way.  

I would prefer to practice this look before seeking a long term style and having to wait until your hair grows back.

These suggested styling methods will work for both relaxed and natural hair and will not demand a fresh relaxer/perm as all of your natural hair will be covered.  

Hair Type:  Relaxed or Natural

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Invisible Part 

Make no mistake with this flawless and styled to perfection invisible part weave. This method for creating this bob is the most natural looking of them all in terms of quick weaving. This is due to the to the visible parting that it entails with zero hair being left out.

Highlights of bronze and golds are used for this look but any color of your choice will work. This method also allows you to use any type of hair you choose, without the worry have not being able to blend properly.

Styling Options: To get this exact look, an Invisible part weave styled into a Bob would be your only option.   

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