"Urban Black Hair style Pictures w/ Styling Options to Complete the Look"!

Browse black hair styles pictures from everyday wash, wrap, and styles to basic Updos to High drama weave ponytails and urban styling suggestions.  

Locate some of the most Jazziest Hair-dos to bring out your inner Vixen.   

Short, Sassy and Soft..........

Hair By: Lady Karen Wright London UK

Styling Options: Seek the service of a Cut, Color and Style from your professional hair stylists, as the sides of this hair style consist of a close skin shave done w/ the use of clippers.

The tousled curls can be accomplished with a WET roller set using medium sized rollers followed by finger combing and separating throughout. Doing a dry roller set will NOT give a defined look of curls such as this.

Hair Type: Relaxed/Permed

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1920s  Throwback Styling 

Short hair style created with finger waves and added tracks(wefts) which have been cut and styled with accents of blonde highlights for added flavor.

Styling Options:  Pursue the service of a cut color and style if your isn't already short. A quick weave or 27 piece weave will not look as accurate when styling the finger waves itself. 

Hair Type: Relaxed/Permed

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Deep Layers

Styled By: The "HairJunky" Baton Rouge Louisiana

Styling Options: Service of a cut color and style with bold layers that are deeply cut for added drama and versatility. 

Hair Type: Relaxed/Permed

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Edgy Mohawk w/ Shaved Sides 

Hair By: Lady Karen Wright London UK

Styling Options: If the sides of your hair are not already shaved, then you will need the service of a cut color and style. The crown has been left long enough to comb and curl back with a 2" barrel curling iron to complete the style.

Hair Type: Relaxed/Permed (Or) Natural Divas

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Fresh Relaxer w/ Clipped Ends

Its nothing better for a Sista to be able to show off the health and condition of her hair after a fresh perm/relaxed followed by clipped ends, and a deep side part giving the streets nothing but glam and attitude. Make no mistake with the added accessory which can be found at Claires, or Icing in most shopping malls for under $10.

Styling Options: If your due for one, seek the service of a fresh relaxer aka perm followed by a wrap and the clipping of your ends to accurately complete the look.

A skilled stylists would advise you to clip your ends regardless of the hair style to induce growth and to have a look of healthy hair.

Use a light weight oil sheen to retain its luster and avoid anything heavy such as oils or serums for this look.

Any sista can relate to this piece of advice. I know I HATE it when I lose the bounce in my wrap. Eeeer. Lol 

Hair Type: Relaxed/Permed or Natural(Pressed Out) 

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Partial Sew-In styled w/ Curling Wand 

This is a very natural and believable looking sew in styled with the curling wand to create the dolled up curls.

Styling Options: A partial sew in leaving very little hair out at the crown will do the trick to accomplish this look. As for how much to leave out, your stylists should go by sight. Some have thinner or thicker edges than others. Also choose weave that blends well with your leave out, and can stand up to heat.

Use a one inch curling wand to create the curls and separate with your fingers.

The middle part gives off a very youthful look, and and brings the attention to the middle of your face, If this is your thang then cool, but if not, this is something you should be mindful of prior to selecting where you want your part to go. 

Hair Type: Relaxed/Permed or Natural(Pressed Out) 

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Sew In w/ Natural Hair 

Image By: Donald K iKonz Media Glamour Weave Nassau New Providence Bahamas

Styling Options: Partial sew in or your natural hair pressed out with a dry roller set .

Hair Type: Natural 

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Side Swept Wet Roller Set

Hair By: Niya Pitts Charollote NC

Styling Options: A wet roller set can be achieved to get this look followed by separating the curls with your fingers to give it more of a tousled look.

Lightly finger comb your hair to the sides and top it off with any accessory of your choice to give it an instant formal look.  

Hair Type: Natural or Relaxed

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