"Jazzy Black Hair Styles and Maintenance Tips, to Prolong  your Look Between Salon Visits". 

2017 black hair styles,black hair weave styles,and black hairstyles pictures.

Browse ideal hairstyles for african american women, such as ghetto hairstyles, quick weave hairstyles, and more.

Browse ideas to help embrace the look of true nature, by opting for a look of natural hairstyles, or a different hair weave technique.

Short  Relaxed and Natural.......

50+ Popular Styling Options for Sistas→

From pixies, Bobs, ponytails and buns, including wrapping or roller setting your short tresses, let these classic and modern black hair styles cater to all your needs.

Short Hair Maintenance: Sleeping at Night, The Big Chop Advice, & Tips for Growing it Out →

See the proper technique for sleeping with short hair, and growing it back out. If this is your first time making the "Big Chop" get advice on what to consider.

20+ Sew-Ins, Quick Weaves and Protective Styles→

Locate over 20+ Quick Weaves, Sew-Ins, and protective hair styles, which are great when transitioning from relaxed to natural.

40+ Natural Hair Styles Including Tips to Remedy an Itchy Scalp→

Browse over 40 plus different styling options when transitioning from Relaxed to Natural. These styles are not only great for transitioning but they are also great for pregnant mothers.


Donut Buns: Covering Them Properly w/ 30+ Short Hair Pictures→

Rather its the old school sock, or the ready made buns from your local beauty supply store, creating a donut bun while hiding/ covering its styling details can be a snap with these simple suggestions. 


Ponytails: Creating them on Short Hair w/ 20+ Styling Ideas →

Creating a ponytail on both natural and relaxed hair can all be made possible, with the combined use of a drawstring ponytail aka "phoney Pony", and the correct styling product which is used to encourage the hair to lay flat. The finishing result will give you a smooth yet neat and sleek look when styling. 


Summer Hair: Haircuts to Keep Cool During Summer→

Forget the nonstop flat ironing and the never ending maintenance that goes a long with sweating and keeping your roots straight in the summer.... 


Relaxed Hair: Top Styles for Women w/ Perms →

Browse some of the best hairstyles for black women with perms.....


Age 40 & Over: Top Trends for Mature Women w/ Perms→

Sista's over 40 and fabulous can locate some of the top most trendiest styling ideas to flatter your age...... 


Short to Medium Hair: Top styles suitable in length for Pixies and Bobs→

Locate some of the most classic black hair styles for short and medium length hair .....


Blonde Hair: Inspiring Shades for ALL Skin Tones→

Blonde hairstyles are trendy and make a bold statement representing strength in black women. Rather you are making the big chop or already have short hair, check out one of these jazzy blonde colors for your new look.....


Short and Relaxed: Tying it Down w/out Creasing at Night→

Browse styling Options for short hair when relaxed, including simple advice for tying your hair down at night without the bugging creases.....


6 Ways to Flaunt a Wash, Wrap, and Style w/ Maintenance Tips→

Browse soft yet simple hair styles that can be achieved with a wash, wrap and style. These trends are suitable enough for an everyday look, and includes tips on how to maintain them....


Wedding Hair: Gorgeous Updos to Consider for the Big Day→

Locate some of the most gorgeous Updos that are suitable for the both the bride, and bridesmaid...... 


Tips to Styling Natural AND Relaxed Hair→

The key to creating black hair styles, is styling according to ones hair type.........


Little Girls: Hairstyles & Care Tips for Tender Heads→

Get tips for styling your little ones hair and combing techniques so that she doesn't suffer combing or straightening her hair.......


2016 Latest Styles: See Whats Trending NOW→

Get the top most popular and common hairstyles that black women adore. From the latest Protective hair style to the most naturalist looking Sew In technique....


Top Razor Cuts and Quick Weave Styles the Sistas Love→

Rather its an everyday style your seeking, or something for your next event, let these classic short length styles inspire you..........


6 Top Hair Pictures for Women of ALL Ages→

Make things much easier by browsing an array of popular hair images of various lengths and styles favored by many black women of all ages.....  


Top Virgin Hair w/ Styling Ideas→

From Flexi Rods, to Braid Outs and more find some of the most popular styling alternatives of black hair styles created with Virgin hair....


Zero Heat Styling Ideas→

Giving your hair a break from excessive heat can whip your hair back into shape.....


Picture Gallery: 20+ pictures of short hair ideas →

Browse a gallery of over twenty and more of general black hair styles for sistas w/ existing short hair or styles to consider when looking making the big chop soon. 


Bobs and Weaves: Ways to Install and Flaunt them→

Medium hair is one of the most common hair lengths for black women, and wearing a Bob with it provides many styling options you probably never knew you had. 


Tips for Humidity and Exercise→

Rather you are in need of hair styles to look cute and work out in at the gym, or just need hair ideas for getting your hair back straight after a good workout....


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Straightening + Curling Options.......

Flat Ironing: Must Read! Tips for straight Hair w/ the Perfect Body→

Provided here you will find a written tutorial showing you step by step on how to flat iron your hair, w/out the use of extra oil and serums to get the Body and Bounce that woman die for!


8 Ways to Straighten Hair: with Chemicals AND W/out Chemicals Or Heat→

Up to 8 unbelievable ways you probably never knew would give you straight hair when crafting black hair styles. Some require zero heat and some demand a small amount of heat. 


Curling Hair: Techniques for Achieving Curls with Little to Zero Heat→

Discover several options for creating curly black hair styles. Forget  the old fashion curling irons or rollers sets, there are many other options to getting curls in your hair, and if the application of heat is a big concern for you, you will also find methods to achieve them using zero heat!


Flat Ironing Methods: Achieving Straight Hair BOTH Using Heat AND W/out Heat→

Uncover an array of possibilities to straighten your hair by using BOTH Zero Heat and some Heat as well. 


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Mens: Cornrows, Waves, Fros + Fades..........

Water Pencil Designs: 6 New Ways to Flaunt Your Next Cut→

From cornrow braids, to short cut fades no matter the trend, black men of various hair types can get inspired by some of the many ways you can create a new appearance with some of the top classic and flossy looks.


7 DIY Black men styles w/ Swagg→

Get fresh on a budget and save yourself a trip to the Salon or Barber when self styling these looks at home. 


Fades and Mohawks: 6 Top Trending Cuts→

From faded Mohawks, 360 Waves, to classic cuts with general freestyle designs, view 6 of the top most sought after trends for black men today.


Locs aka Dreads: Essentials for Starting, Styling and Maintaining them→

Starting locs can be easy and for others it can be a challenge. Discover not only how to start and achieve locs, but how to maintain and keep them moisturized and how to properly take them out.


Top Fades, Freestyle Cuts, and Waves →

Locate some of the Dopest shape Ups freestyle cuts that ar trendy and on FLEEK for the upcoming seasons.


Cornrows: Achieving and Maintaining them→

Discover the many ways that a black man can wear his braids, and how to moisturize and keep them looking neat in between appointments. 


Achieving 360 Waves →

Discover what it takes to achieve them and what it takes to keep them looking good. 


Protective Styles: 7 Ideal styles for Brothas with Long Hair→

Obtain styling ideas and pictures of  black hair styles that are popular for black men with long hair. 


Afro's: 6 Ways to Wear them W/ Swag→

Afros are an all time classic for men rocking natural black hair styles. Allow these images of brothers with Afros show you how to rock your afro with royal swag.


Black mens Hair: Get a glossary full of haircuts, and Listed hairstyle names→

Browse a pool of hair cuts, hair styles and names of hair styles many black men love and take this to your next appointment at the barber shop or hairdresser.


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Protective Styles ..........

Twist Outs: Do them Wet Or Dry? Which One?→

Twist outs can be done on short hair as well, women with short or relaxed hair can achieve these on both relaxed and natural hair. Different results will be present when twisting them dry versus wet. 

Bantu Knots:

Styling and Taking them Out Properly→

The current and on trend Bantu Knots is by far the most popular among the natural hair beauties today. Uncover the proper technique to not only putting them in, but taking them out as well as keeping them moisturized.

Roller Setting Natural Hair w/ out the Frizz→

The foundation to achieving a silky smooth roller set on natural hair, requires a good conditioner with egg protein, and a leave- In conditioner that is specially formulated for frizz, in combination with the proper styling technique when rolling. 

Do Natural Styles with Heat Damage your Hair?→

These Jazzy and frizz free hair styles permits you to style your hair with zero to little heat period! From a dry roller set to Bantu knots, twists outs, or even the old school twa (teeny weeny afro) look, you can now discover how to embrace and work with your natural hair from birth, rather than against it. 

Afros: 5 Ways to Rock them→

Braid Outs: Tips to Styling them Correct on Nappy Hair→

Some women like the end result curly and some prefer the more wavy look. Get your braid-outs to come out as defined as you like them , and extend the duration of the style with these secret tips. 

Twists Sets aka Twist Outs: Self Style them like A Pro!→

Great for Relaxed to Natural transitions. Rather your 100% natural or starting to transition from relaxed to natural, the popular twist out style is ideal and works for both natural and relaxed beauties. 

Let your hair breathe giving it a break from the very many black hair styles that will cause build up from the use of styling products by rocking a cute and effortless care free afro. 

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General Hairstyles + Maintenance Techniques .......

Hairstyle and Names: What are they Labeling the Style you like?→

Doesn't it bugs you when you have an appointment coming up, and  see a hairstyle you like but don't have a clue what the name of it is? Rather your next scheduled appointment is at the Salon or with the "Sista Girl" in the neighborhood, you can now make your life much easier by browsing an array of popular images that are favored by many black women today. 

5 Techniques to Wrapping Hair→

Yes! there really is more than ONE way to wrap a black woman's hair, and If you've grown tired of doing the traditional wrap, consider  some of these methods  for achieving a smooth wrap! 

Sleeping w/ Hair at Night:  5 Tips to tying your Hair Down at Night→

Tying your hair down at night and using the proper scarf can be less stressful on your hair as it assist with the promotion of hair growth. 

Bangs:Tips, Pictures and How to Wear Them→

Getting the bangs trimmed right isn't the the only thing essential for black women and their black hair styles but attaching them to the right style is very important.

Braid Outs: Making them Last & Battling Dry Ends→

Are the ends of your braid outs coming out dry? Do you find yourself having to re-braid them every night? Are you not getting the desired curl/wave you wanted? All of this could be from using the wrong scarf at night to the wrong braiding technique and not sealing and moisturizing your ends properly.

Jazzy Mid-Length styles for Any Occasion→

Sistas with mid length hair have it good when it comes to the styling versatility that shoulder length hair will have. Many of them can be styled yourself. Consider some of these head turning looks. 

Picture Gallery: Hairstyle Images with Names→

Black hair styles are very unique and can be named slightly different from coast to coast. For Example, some shops or neighborhoods will refer to the old school style by the name of "waterfalls" on the West Coast and and some salons may refer to them as " banana peels" on the East Coast. Familiarize yourself with all names and images of black hair styles.


Medium Bobs: 5 Ways to Flaunt a Medium Length Bob→

Medium hair is one of the most common hair lengths for black women, and wearing a Bob with it provides many styling options you probably never knew you had. 


Get tips for styling your little ones hair and combing techniques so that she doesn't suffer combing or straightening her hair.


Hairstyles for Comfortable Sleeping at Night→

Forget the scratching, yanking, poking and prodding and even the HARD to sleep with rollers at night. Open your mind to a new way of sleeping with little manipulation as much as possible while sleeping and maintaining black hair styles. 

Mid length: Pictures and "How to" Styling Tips→

Do it yourself black hair styles, that are mid length and easy to style. Find a style you like for your average length hair and follow the step by step instructions to get the look. 


Long Hair Sistas: With OR w/out Weave Get the Styling Scoop Here→

Rather its a weave shes wearing or her own long hair, get the look of almost any hair style you see with an enclosed list of styling details such as the type of weave that was used, and how to achieve the style to get the most accurate look possible.

Rather your relaxed or natural wearing locs, fros, or braids take some of the stress away when it comes to styling your wedding hair with some of these cute and inspiring black hair styles for weddings. 


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Products + Styling Tools.........

Best Flat Irons: Researched and Salon Recommended→

Different flat irons made from different things will perform different on all hair types when creating black hair styles to get a flat look. Rather your natural or relaxed, we've got the Top brands evaluated to end all your flat ironing troubles. 


Top 10 Hydrating Shampoos:  Anti-Dandruff Anti-Itch  and Detanglers after Braids and Sew Ins→

View ten of the top shampoos analyzed for all your hair needs. Rather you need a good detangler to get the tangles out of matted hair, or a good clarifying shampoo to cut dirt and oils from the buildup of products, we have them here.


Essential Oils: What are they, and How to Dilute them Properly→

Discover the many benefits that essential oils will have on your hair. 


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