"Black Hair Styling Tips to Save You Time and Money"

Find black hair styling tips, from roller sets to flat ironing and sew Ins when purchasing virgin hair.

Many styles for a black woman will demand the never ending skill of smoothing and keeping those edges down.

Discover the essentials to successfully style some of the most classic hair styles for sistas of all to date. 

Setting Tips

From magnetic rollers, to flexi rods, curlformers, and braid outs, whichever method you choose, you will get a different look when setting your hair wet versus dry, and different sizes will produce different looks. 

1. Dry Setting

Some women prefer a dry set, which is a form of setting your hair. The purpose of this is to keep length after blowing it out out and straightening.

Use a moisturizing lotion or hair oil to set the hair and seal the ends. 

If roller setting your sew in, you can use a large Dominican Salon hair net to keep the hair intact when drying 

2. Wet Setting 

The reason for a wet set is to produce a tighter and more defined curl, or wave pattern. The downside to a wet set, is that it causes shrinkage (loss in hair length) but the curls are more uniformed, and can stand up to humidity a lot longer 

  • Begin your wet set by washing the hair and towel drying leaving it about 20% wet. 
  •  Use a conditioner as your setting lotion and distribute evenly combing out any kinks 
  • Apply smaller rollers or flexi rods in areas in which you wish to have tighter curls and larger ones in areas you wish to have big loose voluminous curls 

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Flat Ironing Tips

  • Always start with clean hair that has been freshly washed and conditioned.
  • To blow dry your hair begin by parting hair into smaller sections 
  • To get a silky smooth and frizz free look, opt for a serum that does more than just smoothing, a serum that is formulated as a heat protectant 
  • Chase Method: Use the chase method which straightens very well and eliminates the risk of excessive heat damage. A fine tooth comb works well especially for natural divas. See video below...........

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Weaving Tips 

From partial sew ins to half sew ins some of the most common mistakes is buying hair that does not blend with your natural hair. 

Weaving will almost always consists of sew ins with track hair, and the most sought after method these days involves the use of weft hair , also known as "Track Hair".

Anytime you leave any of your natural hair out for a sew in, it is essential that you choose the best hair to blend with your natural hair.The following  black hair styling tips is the foundation to a top notch sew in. 

1. Sample the Hair 

Many companies will offer samples that can be purchased before making your final decision. When you get the sample, its  best to clip the sample against your natural hair and play around with it. You will want to flat iron it 

curl it, wet it and blow dry it.The weave should behave the exact same way that your natural hair does, therefore if your natural hair causes shrinkage when wet or humid after flat ironing, you will want your weave to do the same. 

2. Hair Color

Selected hair color should be similar to your own hair for the most natural look. If purchasing Virgin hair, the hair will always be anywhere between a #1, #1b or #2. Many vendors will make customers aware of this.

Hair weave can look very different in the sun during the day versus the lights being inside your home. If your natural hair is 1b Jet Black and you receive bundles that appear to be light brown favoring a #2 in color, you will have the appearance of highlights during the day. 

Some women actually prefer this look instead of hair being to black as  it can come off looking very Gothic in appearance.

3. Weft Construction

Regardless of which sew in method you or your stylist choose, the construction of the weft plays a big roll in how flat your tracks will lay once sewn in. 

4. Avoid Shedding

Protect your investment by sealing your wefts with fabric sealer.  

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