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Find black hair weave styles, pictures, tips and styling ideas of weave hairstyles for African American women, and discover the different application methods for many weave hairstyles.

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Quick Weave

The installation of the quick weave technique is very much similar to the invisible part weave mentioned below.

The difference in this technique is the undetectable part. Meaning there is absolutely no visible part in your scalp at all created with this method.

This in result gives the appearance of wearing a full head wig, which then became less popular once the invisible part technique was introduced, due to its less natural looking appearance.

Invisible Part weaves

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black hair weave styles
black hair weave styles

An invisible part weave is one of the black hair weave styles that can be achieved with either a sew-in or with bonding(hair glue). The bonding method requires you to mold the hair down with styling gel or mouse versus the sew in method which demands you to cornrow the hair into the desired braid pattern based on how you wish to wear it.

This method will allow you to wear the part on the side or down the middle, which ever you desire. There is absolutely no hair left out which allows you to use any form of hair texture, grade, or color without the hassle of matching and blending.

Your real hair is tucked in which makes it free from sun exposure, product overload, and heat damage.

Braidless Sew In

The basis of this unique and one of a kind black hair weave styles is formed with the use of needle and thread, using the thread to create a well-built track onto the scalp. Segments of your hair will be left out in between tracks.

The end results in a braidless flat track, which facilitates the idea of placing it up into a high ponytail for a very sleek and neat active look or even a chignon.

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Strand By Strand

This is one of the middle to first class black hair weave styles today. Some people have and will sometimes refer to it as the, “non-surgical hair replacement.” This form of hair weaving, is the most unique and Versatile Hair Extension Method invented.

There are a variety of ways to achieve this look, which are micro links extensions, or the fusion technique. Small pieces of hair are connected to tiny strands of your natural hair giving you the ability to wear it at every angle there is possible.

  • Micro Links
  • Fusion
  • Micro Crochet (Thread Fusion)

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