"Black Hairstyles for Short Hair Best for Relaxed Hair"

For the latest black hairstyles for short hair

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Find black hairstyles for short hair that you can accomplish with or without the cutting of your own hair.

open your mind to the new era of hair, there are many ways to achieve a short snip without sacrificing the idea of chopping your own hair, and you may not even need a relaxer to mimic the style.

Let the following short hair ideas be your inspiration.   

Electrifying Spikes

A pixie with deep cut layers provides an electrifying look. The bone straight ends can make anyone's hair look very healthy leaving zero split ends behind. 

Styling Options: Cut and Style Your Existing Hair 

Hair Type: Relaxed 

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Sleek and Spunky

Adding a hint of white blonde to a short pixie will bring attitude and plenty of flavor to allow you to play up you sexy side. The best way to mimic this look is to get the service of a cut color and style, from your professional stylist.   

Styling Options: Cut and Style Your Own Hair 

Hair Type: Relaxed

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Quick Weave Pixie

Avoid the idea of sacrificing your own hair just to get cut such as this when you can mimic this,with a quick weave.

Use human hair so that you can cut, layer and curl the crown such as this one. All of your hair will be wrapped down and molded therefore, you can choose any color for your track hair. 

To get the exact color as the model in the picture, a 1b off black, or a 1Jet Black in Human Hair will do the job. 

Styling Options: Quick Weave, Cut and Style your own hair 

Hair Type: Relaxed 

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Mohawk Pixie 

Black hairstyles for short hair such as this Mohawk pixie has become extremely popular on black women. Between BOTH the color and style, the entire look provides a very soft appearance, and affords well for an everyday look. 

Styling Options: 27 Piece Weave, Quick Weave, or Cut and style your Natural hair 

Hair Type: Relaxed  

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Velvet Spikes

Black hairstyles for short hair such as a super short pixie is a classic look. The crown can be back curled with an electric 1" curling tong or Marcel iron, and the accents of burgundy will really enhance the warmth look of women with warm tones. this look works best on women with relaxed hair. Consult your stylist for more advice.  

Styling Options: Cut and Style your own Hair

Hair Type: Relaxed

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Modern Glam 

A splash of fiery red and blonde at the top, will put the focus right at the crown. The top is back curled to persuade the hair to float back. You can add a few pieces of colored track hair to accomplish the streaks.

This works best when styling black hairstyles for short hair that has been relaxed,and would be the service of a cut color and style for your hairdresser.  

Styling Options: Cut and Style your own Hair

Hair Type: Relaxed

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Cruella Deville

Wearing a large patch of your hair jet black with the rest blonde can give off a very classic Cruella Deville look. You or your stylist can produce this look with a 27 piece weave, a quick weave, or the cut color and style of your own hair.  Although you can go as blonde as you want., a #27 and a #1b Jet black  are the ultimate colors to mimic this look. 

Styling Options: 27 Piece Weave, Quick Weave, Cut and Style Your Existing

Hair Type: Relaxed or Natural 

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Night Time Maintenance: Prevent Creasing!

One of the things you probably struggle with is creasing when tying your hair down at night. This is one of the things that comes with the territory for many of the black hairstyles for short hair. The following are some tried and tested remedies that you could possibly consider.......

Option 1: Wrap the back of your head with a wrap strip made out of mesh. Followed by that, wrap an additional scarf on top of the mesh wrap. This seems to work best for Pixies and Crops.

Option 2: For haircuts such as Bobs put on a stocking cap such as a wig cap, followed by another scarf preferably made out of satin.  


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