Black Hairstyles Pictures

Find black hairstyles pictures of quick Weaves, Ghetto, Natural, Prom and Wedding Hair in our dedicated gallery of trends for African American sistas. 


The look of natural hair has made waves amongst African-Americans. The idea of wearing your natural hair is to embrace the look of its original state at birth. Many women amongst the black African community will refer to it as "NAPPY". Some of the women in this gallery have, imitated a faux look of natural hair accomplished with weaves or wigs, while some actually have an authentic stare of thier natural locs.

☶Full Wigs

full synthetic wigs - picture slideshow
Synthetic full wigs are great ways to a quick change within your appearance. Full wigs are designed to cover the entire head, leaving no hair out of the cap. This facilitates the advantage of having less damage done to your real mane from styling products, sun damage and curling irons due to blending. Many African women in their late 40's enjoy the easy change.

☶Ghetto Fabulous

ghetto hairstyles - slideshow with music
The idea of a ghetto hairstyle can simply be loud in color, extraordinary, and over the top. Most of us may have many views as to what a ghetto hairstyle can be. These interesting and very unique black hairstyles pictures are generally linked to black women amongst the urban areas associated with personal political and cultural, meaning.

☶Wedding Hair

ghetto hairstyles - slideshow with music
One of the most important things to the woman planning the look of her wedding day involves the idea of what she will do with her hair. From updos to short or even long cute and tousled curls, there will be plenty of simple and alluring selections of styles to choose from. The gallery below is some casual and easy pictures of wedding hair styles for black women.

☶Quick Weaves

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ghetto hairstyles - slideshow with music
This gallery of black hairstyles pictures has displayed an array of popular and modern quick weaves that are relatively cute and quite affordable. Many young women enjoy the biggest benefit of being able to install any type of hair they want without the hassle of blending to match the texture of their natural hair. This is a result of your real hair being molded down into a circular motion and having the tracks(weave) bonded on top.