"Find Black Little Girls Hair Styles and Hair Care Tips to Avoid the styling of a Tender Head Everyday!". 

Browse black little girls hair styles for Tender heads such as  Braids, Twists, Updos with Jumbo hair, Roller Sets, Protective Styling and more.

You can also discover tricks and techniques to straighten and lengthen her hair without heat. The following also provides basic hair care tips to free her hair from Lint and debris while keeping it moisturized, and healthy.

Allow the following black hair styles to inspire both you and your little princess. 

Ribbon Curls

A hairstyle such as this one is a very formal look versus an everyday hair style. This is due to its spiral curls which is notorious for giving off a very natural glamorous and dolled up stare.

This look is ideal for Weddings, Church events, or Plays, or any event that demands a formal appearance.

Finish the look off with any color hair accessory to match her outfit and to complete the look best.

black little girls hair styles

Styling Details: Set of spiral curls with flat twist in the front 

Styling Options: The flat twist in the front can be created with a rat tail comb and a little hair product such as Ampro shine N Jam. Secure the ends with small rubber bands or colored ones such as pink to doll her up a little more.

The back can be achieved by curling small segments of the hair with a one inch curlung wand, or a wet roller set with small size rollers.  

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Double Rope Twisting

Rope twisting is very popular when creating black little girls hair styles,and seen upon many adults with natural hair. I find this to be the perfect style for girls as it is extreamly low maintenance and does not require heat when creating black little girls hair styles.

This can be an everyday style or special occasion such as Weddings. Simply dress it up or down with added hair accessories. 

Styling Details: The back is braided from the nape up. The actual rope twists created at the top is done with Jumbo Braid hair. Yes that is the hair that costs less than $1.50 at your local beauty supply store. The hair is also known as "Kanekelon" hair.   

Styling Options: Braid the back from the neck up into large simple parted plaits, and smooth the edges up into an off center ponytail where the Jumbo hair will be attached, twisted and styled.

See It In Action Here!........ 

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Braided Updo

A simple braided updo with a portion of the hair being off centered to hang freely adds interests to black little girls hair styles. This is much more natural looking and appears less busy looking compared to the regular braid ups filled with beads. 

Add any hair accessory that looks right, or sets the tone for any season, place or event.

Styling Details: Hair weave such as the hair that's used for Kinky Twists is used for this braid up. The hair is parted in medium sized squares and triangles. The front is curled with hot water to create texture.

Styling Options: To best complete this look, braid the hair in small segments with Kinky twist hair. To create the texture in the hair that's hanging off to the sides, you can use the threading method, simply by placing thread around the hair and dipping it in boiling water. Please have assistance for this part. 

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Straw Curls

You can never go wrong with a straw set that's curled to perfection for your little one. This type of set creates a look of precision, and lasts a lot longer in humid weather compared to other black little girls hair styles.

Styling Details: Basic plaits are braided up the back with hair being parted into small segments and spiraled curled which were set with straws.      

Styling Options: The best way to complete this look is a wet set using the standard size straws to set the hair.   

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Big Girl French Roll 

If your little girl is the type to like the 'Big Girl", hair style for an everyday or formal updo, then a simple do it yourself French Roll such as this will do the trick as one of your styling options out of all the black little girls hair styles.

Styling Details: The foundation of this hair style begins by blowing it out and smoothing the hair to perfection .

A large segment of the hair is parted in the front from ear to ear and braided. The remaining of the hair is then swept to one side and stuffed with Jumbo hair which is made for box braiding.

The Jumbo hair is then teased (back combed) to create its fullness and pinned with bobby pins. The rest of the hair is then layered over top of the stuffed hair to conceal the detailing of the style and secured with bobby pins.

Styling Options:  A French Roll stuffed with Jumbo Hair

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Two Strand Twists

Lengthen your little princess hair with the banding method, or allow her to wear it as a hairstyle alone. This method of styling is a great way to lengthen her hair instead of blowing it out . This is one of the black little girls hair styles that works well for keeping length. 

Styling Details: A segment of the hair is parted on one side with the banding method applied. Assorted colors are used to make it more playful.

The remainder of the hair is twisted using the "Two Strand" twist method. 

Styling Options: Apply the Two Strand twist  and  banding method on a small segment of the hair

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Straightening w/Out Heat

Remember that your little girls tresses are still developing, and are very sensitive to excessive heat when continuously styling black little girls hair styles that require heat.

Since the whole idea of straightening is not only to flatten and smooth the hair but it is also for lengthening, I've found that the "Banding" method works like magic for little girls. This is also known to some as "African Hair Threading" and its amazing. Adults who are Un-relaxed can apply this method as well. 

See It In Action Here............

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Hair Care Basics.......

Accumulation of Dirt and Lint

As black women we know from birth that our hair is very thirsty and dehydrated in its natural state therefore, little girls who are un-relaxed, will have the most dehydrated hair ever, and using a shampoo with sulfates in it is the biggest mistake.The drier the hair is I've found that it collects more Lint than ever, and the best way to remedy that is to avoid shampoos with sulfates in it, or make your own.

As for cleansing the scalp to clarify it, you can do a mix of half part Vinegar and half water for the scalp only, but it is essential that you condition and moisturize the strands of her hair.

The Apple cider vinegar mixed with water works wonders for an itchy dry scalp. It will unclogs her pores and accelerate hair growth.  

Daily Moisturizing 

Get a small spray bottle and mix half glycerin and half water. Glycerin is an All natural vegetable based moisturizer it is one of the most common ingredients in any hair conditioner or facial moisturizer you have in your cabinet now, just without all the other nasty chemicals to preserve it.

The NOW brand Vegetable Glycerin works well. 

Tip: I found that using more water than glycerin works better for maintaining black little girls hair styles.

You just have to find what works for you and not have her hair too greasy, because everyone's hair type is different. But if her hair is in the 4's such as 4a,4b,4c it is probably really thirsty, more often than not. 

Product Recommendations......

Sabino Moister Block: Great for straightening and to keep from reverting after straightening . It also keeps it from becoming frizzy 

Ampro Shine N Jam:  Great for twisting 4b hair

Book: "Its All Good Hair", book on styling black girls hair. Very Popular book with tons of great tips. Let the reviews speak for itself. 

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