Sassy Black Long Hair Styles w/ Virgin Hair to Give Your Weave a New Look

Get the jump on the popular black long hair styles and ideas created with a variety of Virgin hair. From flexi rods, roller sets, braid outs and more, Discover your available styling options along with videos of how well the hair behaves. 

Virgin Brazilian Hair 

This hair is very much like African-American hair when relaxed or blown out and is also one of the most popular Origins of Virgin hair for creating black long hair styles.

The hair is said to lasts up to a year if taken care of properly, but this hair has lasted no more than seven months for many, and I can vouch for that, because I've gotten about nine months of wear out of it myself. 

A popular styling technique for Brazilian hair is giving yourself a look of defined curls or waves using flexi rods. See the behavior of this hair using flexi rods below.

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Virgin Filipino Hair-Braid Out

This hair lasted me two years literally No Joke ladies. It looks shiny on camera but it is not like that in person. This hair is the most manageable out of all the Virgin hair when it comes to styling and maintaining black long hair styles. 

Not only that, but the biggest perk is that you receive an extra length more than what you order. For instance, if you order a 20 inch the hair will measure at a 21 or 22 inch in length. That is the natural characteristics of Virgin Filipino hair, and it also explains why most of the local Beauty Supply stores will not sale this hair.  

Avoid oil on this hair as it is never needed. It looks shiny on camera but it is not like that in person. This hair is so manageable its unbelievable . 

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This hair has a Fresh Relaxer look and is reported to be very greasy because of its high luster, and requires less product when styling.

The hair is soft and very light in weight. I suspect this hair will do very well if you like curly hair as curly weave tends to stay dry and lack luster.

See the Characteristics of this hair in action below.

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The Characteristics of Virgin Malaysian hair is very thin which may require more bundles if you like a full head sew in known as the Hollywood full look. The texture has somewhat of a wave to it and stands up to heat relatively well. 

The hair is not too shiny or too dry and holds a curl exceptionally well. 

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Indian Hair w/ Flexi Rods

Can get frizzy I remember it being very beautiful but one of the biggest observations I made was how much product it consumed. No matter how much oil I used it became very dry and demanded more and more oil.

There was absolutely nothing in the beauty supply store that could keep those fly aways down. 

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