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Many hairstyles for black men are very versatile in appearance such as being suitable for both business and play. From coast to coast, people will label the styles a variety of things, but contrary to popular belief, they are all the same.

Let the following show you a new way to cut or style your hair. 

Urban and Conservative 

Very clean and urban type look and is one of the black men hair styles that can also be very professional. It gives a versatile appearance of having that Urban look or perfect for when your ready to get your "Suit and Tie" look on.   

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Low Fade w/ Design

A low skin fade with Marvin Marison cut. The cut alone can be done by yourself, but the design and color on the other hand will take a Master Barber to craft this look. 

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Temp Fade

Having a texturizer with a temp fade and a sharp line is one of the black men hair styles that has a very youthful look to some people.

 The main attribute of this specific hair cut is having the side burns removed along with the neckline.

If your not so into the curly look in which the texturizer will give off, you can try the Afro look by having the top in and afro which is another common way to rock a temp fade. Go ahead and try that "Suit and Tie" look with this as well.

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Low and Blended

This is a Low and Blended cut with a side part. This look is distinctive for having a  gradual fade above the ears, and requires more of a close skin shave on the sides and back. Conceals the shape of the head on the sides. 

Basic Cut w/ Water Pencil Design

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This is a simple cut with the hair measuring at the same length all the way around. The hair cut alone can be done yourself but the design and coloring details may require a trip to the shop for a cut color and design. 

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Military Cut 

This military cut also known as a "High and Tight" cut, is popular among men in the military, and is a style that is not so easy to cut yourself. The longest area of the hair is at the top and almost bald on the sides. As for how long you would like the top to be is personal preference.

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1980's High Fade 

This 1980's Old school cut is a known as the "High Top Fade". The detailing of the cut is longest at the top and has a soft trim around the edges. You can also include a side part, or small design on the sides.   

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These are simple cornrows also known as french braids with a zig zag part. This look is a great way for the brothers to manage a long afro. 

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