" 7 Top Black Men Hair Cuts and Styles That are Fly and Trending "

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Black men hair cuts and styles are very unique and different in its very own way. Many of the simple haircuts such as the medium to low fades have remained a classic but with a twists due its designs.  

Allow the following cuts and styles inspire your next barbershop visit.  

Medium to Long Dreads 

Creating a sharp line with sideburns when you have dreads is one way to rock your natural look once you have grown your dreads out. 

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Medium to Low Fade

Medium to low skin fade with color and design. The combination of a talented and very artistic barber with a good set of clippers can definitely pull this off.  

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Low Fade and Design 

Medium fade with design. This is one one of the hair cuts that you can do yourself, but the design will certainly take a skilled barber to craft this look.

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Medium Dreads

Free flowing Medium length Dreads is an ideal, and very popular natural hair style for black men.

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Short Dreads

Short faux dreads is quick and easy way to get dreads with having to grow out your own natural hair. You can achieve these with fake synthetic wraps/yarn wraps instead of matting up your natural hair. 

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Mohawk and Design 

Mohawk with design and color. This mohawk is just too fresh, and involves some serious skill with the clippers and color. 

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Low Fade w/ Design 

Low skin fade with designs of circular shaped swirls and a front part. 

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