"Black Mens Hair Trends to Inspire You On Your Next Trip to The Barbershop"

Find black mens hair trends such as classic fades, 360 waves with a razor cut, faded Mohawks, general classic fades with stylish freestyle designs and more. 

The following will allow your to get inspired by some of the six most top trending hair styles and haircuts desired by many brothas today. 

Perfect Line Up

Looking at this hair cut  you may consider it to be just another one of the classic fades, but what really sets a clean fade apart when your working with a skilled barber, is a  flawless lineup, and you can consider this cut to be a great example.

Photo Source: SWM Photography 

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Razor Cut w/ 360 Waves

The look of 360 waves with a line up crated with a the razor, is an ideal hair cut to give you more of a conservative look.

This is one of the black mens hair cuts that involves the use of clippers, and a razor.

Using the Bic razor has been very popular for lining yourself up, after the use of clippers. If this is your method of choice, always take precaution  when using the razor and be sure to take your time. 

Photo Source: Marc Republic Philadelphia Pennsylvania 

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Faded Cut w/ Dog Paws

Here is an all around one length faded hair cut designed with dog paws throughout the head.

If your lifestyle or profession will suit a cut such as this look,you can get adventurous and detailed as much as you like, all it takes is the combination of a skilled barber and professional cutting tools. 

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Black men haircuts can be veiwed as a lifestyle and expression, and you dont always have to expect  to see a tradtional fade when you think of one. Take this unleveld hair cut as an example. 

Photo Source: The Universal Stylists Cherry Hill NJ

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Faded Mohawk w/ Design

A faded Mohawk with a freestyle design such as this takes a master barber to craft. The idea of adding designs to Mohawks are becoming more and more popular when cutting and styling black mens hair. Adding the design adds interests to the overall look itself.    

Photo Source: Smooth Cuts n Fades Laurel Maryland

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Classic Fade w/ Freestyle Design

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