"Everyday Black People Hair Style That's. 
Suitable for Work, Church, and Play"! 

Find black people hair style pictures  including styling options and suggested hair type to complete the look best.

These styles are great for an everyday look, and consists of nothing more than a wash, wrap, and style which can be done yourself or from your professional stylists.  

This is an everyday black people hair style that works for women with relaxed hair. The layers in which are cut at eye level, will bring attention to your eyes, as well as the layers that are cut at jaw length.

If your existing hair is already cut into layers such as this hair style, then a salon service, such as a wash, wrap and style is what you can expect.

As for color goes, you can slip a few tracks in your hair to avoid the idea of coloring your own hair, purchase your tracks in a # 30 from your beauty supply store. A straight #30 in track hair will give the appearance of thick highlights, and a color of  #1B/30 will provide a look of having thinner streaks. 

It is recommended that you purchase human yaki hair as this will blend better with relaxed hair and will not look plastic.

Styling Options: Wash Wrap and Style

Hair Type: Relaxed


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A blow out on black people hair style such as this natural look, followed by a roller wrap will allow you to achieve a hairstyle such as this.

If your hair is Natural(Unrelaxed) simply blow dry the hair leaving it 50% wet, after a fresh wash and conditioner. Perform a roller wrap and sit under the dryer until your hair is completely dry. Once dry, you can now comb the curls out with a widetooth comb. Re-wrap the hair securing it with wrapping tissue, or saran wrap, and sit under the dryer for about 15 minutes longer. 

Now begin combing the wrap out and make a side part. Take a one to two inch barrel curling iron, holding it in a vertical( Up and Down) position, and curl each side away from the face. 

Use  a product such as Aveda Brilliant Anti-Humectant Pomade as a leave in Conditioner just as you would on any other black people hair style.

This product has a great reputation on any natural hair style for black people. It keeps your hair from shrinking and constant flat ironing in humid areas. 

This is one acceptable product with Castro oil that is perfectly Ph balanced, and will not weigh the hair down when you comb your wrap out. A dime size distributed evenly to wet hair is all that's needed. 

Styling Options: Wash, Roller Wrap, and Style

Hair Type: Natural

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This everyday black people hair style, provides a lot of body and attitude by leaving one side of the hair to cover one eye. You can achieve this look with the service of a wash, wrap, and style.

If your existing hair is not already cut this way, you will need layers cut into your hair. Layers will instantly give the extra body you want. Integrating layers into your hair creates movement, and eliminates weight, and frames your face. The model has long layers that are trimmed and styled at mouth level which always brings the attention to that area.  

A fresh relaxer is recommended to give you a style that's filled with nothing but straight smooth edges and full of bounce.

The color can be completed with a rinse of any color you choose, but do consult with your professional stylists for this task, and as always finish with a light oil sheen that will not weigh the hair down.  

Styling Options: Wash Wrap and Style

Hair Type: Relaxed

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A fresh relaxer with clipped ends and bone straight hair is the law when it comes to any black people hair style. The hair is flat ironed to perfection, which is a great way for you to show off the health and condition of any wash and wrap hair style for black people. 

If you prefer the sleek and very flat looking wrap, then the best way to achieve this, is to wrap your hair very snug around the head.

The off center side part puts the focus at the eye, in which it is aligned with therefore, arched eyebrows will be essential! 

Styling Options: Wash Wrap and Style

Hair Type: Relaxed

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This particular hair style for black people involves a wash, wrap and style, and if your current hair style already have these layers, you can achieve this style yourself.

Choose either the traditional wrap or a roller wrap. The roller wrap is said to provide more body.

After the wrap is combed out you can place large segments of your hair into pin curls that are secured with bobby pins. Spray with a very light holding spray and leave your pin curls in for an hour, or even over night.

Once you take the pin curls out, you can  shake your head to separate them. 

Take a barrel curling iron and curl the hair in the position you like best.  Finish with a light oil sheen for added luster.

Styling Options: Wash Wrap and Style

Hair Type: Relaxed

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Black people hair style such as a Keratin blow out can be achieved without the expensive salon service with the traditional wash wrap and style as well. The whole idea is to smooth your hair, and give it body.

The appearance of this overall look is very slick, and the key to having that slick look is to wrap your hair tight. 

Be sure that your ends are clipped. Doing this always makes the hair look very healthy and promotes growth.

The color includes a patchwork of burgundy and cherry red. If your hair is not already this color, you will need the an additional color service at the salon.

Always end your hair style with a light weight sheen spray.

Styling Options: Wash Wrap and Style

Hair Type: Relaxed

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This is a simple and very classic black people hair style that can be achieved with a wash wrap and style as well. When combing your wrap out, use a wide tooth comb, and make a side part.

The clipped ends are done in a way that gives it a choppy look at the bottom. Once the wrap has been combed out with your wide tooth comb, take a large barrel iron and bend the ends out creating a half or better described, "incomplete curl",  versus and actual curl.

If your current hair is not already this color, be sure you consult with your stylists to achieve the color service. 

Styling Options: Wash Wrap and Style

Hair Type: Relaxed

Maintenance and Wrapping Tips: 

A good wrap with black people hair style begins with the selection of the shampoo and conditioner you choose.

Avoid products with mineral oil, castor oil, and petroleum as they are heavier oils and will grossly weigh the hair down. 

Bedtime Maintenance........

Avoid wrapping your hair too tight around your head if you like the look of body and bounce. For the slick look, you can wrap your hair tighter and more snug against your head  

Also, keep your hair wrapped while in the shower, doing this will allow the steam  to mold the hair into place, giving it lots of body(bounce).

Combing the Wrap Out................

Use a Wide tooth comb when combing your wrap out versus a fine tooth comb. to avoid the mistake of combing your curl out.

Upon waking up in the morning, keep your hair wrapped while in the shower. This will allow the steam  to mold the hair into place, giving it the extra body you want as well.

The direction you wrap and part the hair effects the direction the hair will flow. Placing a part on the left and wrapping the left side of your hair to the right, will persuade the left side of your hair to float right.  

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