Finally Black People Hair Styles w/ ZERO Heat to Prevent Damage! 

Below are black people hair styles that will allow you to style your hair using ZERO heat.

No need to worry about the amount of styling options when it comes to the idea of avoiding heat and still remain stylish because there are more than you could ever imagine.

The following are some of the most unbelievable hair styling ideas created with the use of ZERO heat.

Let the following inspire you!

Bantu Knots w/ Zero Heat

Bantu knots is one of the very popular black people hair styles especially among sistas with natural hair.

The hair is parted into small segments and twisted into small knots. The end results created a very intense a defined looking texture such as this.

The style is heat less requiring nothing more than moisturizer or setting lotion. You can sleep with your hair in the knots over night to make the texture more defined.

If this is your first time attempting the look you may not get the exact same curl pattern but as you practice you will get better. Individual results will be different as to how tight or loose the Bantu Knots are put into place. 

Hair Type: Relaxed or natural 

See this hair style in action Below........

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Dry Roller Set w/ Zero Heat 

A Dry roller set requires nothing more than a good moisterizer, a rat tail comb, and your desired choice of rollers. This is one of the black people hair styles that is most favored to date when it comes to roller sets.

Benefits of a dry roller set will prevent the hair from shrinking which will allow you to have big beautiful curls without losing any temporary length.

A side part such as this has a very mature look and giving the streets real attitude.

Individual results will vary as a cause of selected roller size, thickness, of hair and rather you are relaxed or natural.

Hair Type: Relaxed or Natural 

Note: This styling method can also be applied to Flexi Rods, Straw Sets using, Straws, and any other heat less styling tool that will create texture such as curls or waves.  

See this hair style in action Below.........

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Half/Updo with  Zero Heat  

An Updo such as this heat less and elegant hair style can be achieved on BOTH relaxed and natural women. The look is achieved with the use Jumbo Braiding hair that cost just under $2 at most beauty supply stores.

The hair style requires a brush, rat tail, comb and styling gel that will not flake or turn white. The brand Ampro is a classic for styling many black people hair styles that are placed into updos.

If your one of the people who get an itch scalp, I suggest doing an apple cider vinegar(ACV) rinse using part water and part vinegar from your local grocery store. 

This hair style should last at least a week. You can dress it up with accessories for any formal event or dress it down with little accessories, and all you will need to do is wrap it up at night with a satin scarf, and spray with oil sheen in the morning  and go.  

Hair Type: Relaxed or Natural 

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Vintage French Roll w/ Zero Heat

This Vintage looking french roll is a classic throwback with a twist due to its side part. Black people hair styles such as this particular look involves the use of jumbo braiding hair if your hair is not as thick for the purpose of adding shape and fullness. Women with really course hair can get by without adding any braiding hair.  

See the unique styling details in action!

Hair Type: Relaxed or Natural 

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Natural Texture w/ Zero Heat

Many woman are against shrinkage, but there is one exception when it comes to the idea of avoiding heat to look pretty, and that's a simple pin up after your has been wash and left to air dry.

Positioning the hair to one side adds interest to the look versus pulling it straight back. If your hair is ALL natural, you should get an accurate look such as this, but if on the other hand you are transitioning(half relaxed) you will have straight ends due to the fact that you still have relaxer on the ends of your hair and it is not completely grown out.

Hair Type: Relaxed or Natural 

Mohawk w/ Drawstring Ponytail; Zero Heat

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