"6 Black Short Hair Cuts to Keep Cool During Summer"

To see the latest and most popular black short hair cuts for summer see the following right below the text...........

Forget the nonstop flat ironing and the never ending maintenance that goes   a long with sweating and keeping your roots straight in the summer.You can probably agree that Its just to much work for the average black woman. Let these recommended styles inspire you to stay cool in the summer. 


Let the following black short hair Cuts Inspire you....

Asymmetrical Glam

Styling Details: 

To obtain the complete look of this style, the sides of your hair can be either shaved, or molded down with styling gel such as Ampro for maximum hold.

A few pieces of wefts aka " tracks" can be added and carefully layered to produce the asymmetrical look on one side.

You can finish this with a light oil sheen.

Hair Type: Relaxed

Hair by: Antoinette

Image by: O Ray

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Bold and Blonde

Styling Details:

A super short and deeply layered pixie, this is one of the popular black short hair cuts which remains a true classic.

This particular look is what stylists considers to be a "cut, color, and style", type of service requiring  maintenance every 4-6 weeks.

Hair Type: Relaxed

Hair By: James Earl Los Angeles, CA

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Sleek and Spiky

Styling Details: 

Try a short pixie with a close shave in the back.

The crown is layered and spiked to give it shape, and texture.

The accents of gold, blue, and red are added to the top to emphasize the layers. 

You can finish this with a holding spray of your choice, and a lightweight oil sheen. 

Hair Type: Relaxed

Hair By: Candayce O Houston TX

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Sleek Bumps

Styling Details: 

Some may consider one of the black short hair cuts such as this one, to be a layered pixie, or a semi-short crop, due to the side swept bangs. 

One of your primary styling options would be the service of a cut, color, and style from your stylist. The gold highlights appear to be a #30 if using tracks for the swooped bangs.

It can also be lifted with a developer of #30 to create the highlights. 

Consult your stylists for more details. 

Hair Type: Relaxed

Hair By: Miss Tans Upper Marlboro, MD

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Soft Texture

Black short hair cuts such as this Romantic Updo is great for any occasion.

The crown is long enough to make one large pin curl and the back is tightly curled and finger combed to give it texture. 

You can finish this with a very light holding spray and a light sheen. 

Hair Type: Relaxed

Hair by: Donita Smith Upper Marlboro, MD

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Wispy Layers

Although you can complete this look with the service of a cut, color, and style,  a more efficient way to do it would be a quick weave, such as the one in this photo.

Apply the traditional human hair in a #27 from your local beauty supply store for the color.

When rolling the tracks at the crown, and making the closure, brush it downwards, and let it flow freely to get this exact look, do not try to part it.

You can cut the strands at the crown to get the bone straight wispy looking pieces. 

Hair Type: Relaxed and Natural 

Hair By: Tinisha O'Chell Lupe Yonkers, NY

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