Black Women Hair Style Tips for Exercising

One of the most common issues many sistas face with black women hair style is keeping their hair straight after a hardcore workout, or even after being exposed to tons of humidity.

Hair is usually falling all over the place and is very heavy, frizzy and tends to swell up after leaving the gym, and I can definitely relate to this challenge.

Below are some tried and tested tips including a video that has proven to have a guaranteed solution...........

Prior to working out, begin by placing hair into a high ponytail and place it into a bun. Use a silk scarf to wrap around your edges and to keep your workout towel from touching them.

Step 1: Comb hair with a wide tooth comb to ensure it is free from any kinks 

Step 2: Take your blow dryer and set it to high with the speed on low if your gadget has this option

Step 3: Finger comb while blow drying and dragging your fingers through the roots of your hair to dry it

Note: Avoid using any combs or brushes until your roots are completetly dry. This will avoid any of your hair from being pulled out

Step 4: After hair is completely dry, go ahead and coordinate a brush such as a "Denman Brush", and continue blow drying.

These brushes  are the Bomb specifically the Denman-9 brush and I can vouch for this myself. It is very easy to coordinate when brushing from roots to ends and massages my scalp so well.

At this point you are basically smoothing the roots of your hair straight.

Step 5: Set your handheld on "Cool", and continue drying all around your edges and the back of your head. Doing this will reduce frizzing and seal in moister.  

Step 6: Apply a quarter size amount of styling product to wrap the hair. My favorite tried and tested  product is the "Chi Deep Brilliance Reflect ".

Distribute this evenly by massaging it into your roots.

Step 7: Use a large wide tooth comb such as a shower comb, and begin combing the hair down. At this point you should start to notice that your roots are almost bone straight. 


Step 8: Using a large paddle brush begin wrapping your hair by making a small horizontal (left to right) part at the very top of your head.

Comb your hair in a downwards position on all four sides, into a circular motion. 

Step 9: Go over the wrap with a Bristle brush to ensure all kinks are smoothed out making it even more smooth. 

Step 10: Secure your wrap with a silk scarf ideally a scarf that measures five feet by ten inches wide is ideal.

Start by pulling it from the back, followed by criss crossing it in the front and tying a knot in the back.

Finish  by swirling the scarf around your head a few times just to make sure the scarf is distributed evenly inside the scarf. 

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If you set your hair using something such as a silk roller wrap prior to this, your hair will be trained to behave and fall the way that it was originally set. This result will make the hair lasts longer which is great if this is what you aim. 

Any products that were applied while the hair is wet, is essential to keeping the hair straight once it is dried. 

If you like to workout at night, you can sleep overnight with your wrap.If not leaving your wrap in for a couple of hours until you get dress and ready to leave the house. Comb it out with your wide tooth comb when your ready to leave.

You can keep it straight or add curls to it. You should have a look of beautiful body and bounce. 

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