Fancy Black Women Short Hairstyles, w/ Tips for Creating Ponytails Until Your Next Salon Appointment! 

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Hair By: Sylvester Bailey   Miami Florida

Hair By: LaTronda     Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Hair By: Sundrad           Atlanta, GA

Hair By: Tia Manhertz         New York, New York 

Hair By: Maurice Michael  Oakland, California

Hair By: Sylvester Bailey  Miami, Florida

    Hair By:Nikki            Baltimore, MD 

Hair By: Salon Artesia   Atlanta, Georgia

         Hair By: Malissa Parker                 Tampa, Florida                    Photo By: Keston Duke

           Hair By: Ericka              Humble, Texas 

Hair By: Malissa Parker  Tampa, Florida

Hair By: Ericka  

Humble, Texas

Hair By: Corlette Loves Hair Miramar, Florida

Hair By: Corlette Loves Hair Miramar, Florida

             Hair By: Ericka               Humble, Texas 

           Hair By: Ericka               Humble, Texas 

Hair By: "All About You Hair                        Care"                     Houston, Texas

Hair By: Sundrad           Atlanta, GA

         Hair By: Ericka            Humble, Texas 

Hair By: Shaunda    Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Hair By: Glam Touch4U Stone Mountain, GA

        Hair By: Macstyle            New York, New York

Hair By: Demi Howell Huntsville, Alabama

  Hair By: L R Studio Salon                 Atlanta, Georgia             Charles Mitchell Photography

Hair By: Salon Artesia  Atlanta, Georgia

Hair By: Andreya B Gorgeous Oakland, CA

Hair By: "All About You Hair                        Care"                     Houston, Texas

Hair By: Glam Touch4U Stone Mountain, GA

Ponytails on Black Women Short Hairstyles

Ponytails are good for Transitioning from relaxed to natural, they can be very useful to have as a great style  to hold you over  until your next hair appointment when styling  black women short hairstyles.

Below will provide you with tips that many women with short hair face, when creating them.............

Smoothing and Molding Edges                                                                      

If you have tapered/closely shaved hair on the sides, you will need to make sure you smooth your edges down very well. Consider following methods such as..........

  • Beeswax-While this is good for styling, it can cause buildup over time. You can brush your edges/hair up using a product such as Murray's Beeswax. If you choose this option, you will want to clarify your hair with an apple cider vinegar rinse(5% acidity) followed by your normal shampoo and conditioner routine after wearing it. 
  • Press and Comb- You can Hot comb your Edges using 100% Grape-seed Oil. Once you have pressed and smoothed out your edges, you you can then use a hair Gel of your choice, and continue with the style. 

Note:  Many women, are unaware that Grape-seed Oil is a natural heat protector. I am 100% All natural and have pressed my entire head, with Grape-seed Oil. The end result gives you an appearance of having fresh relaxed hair with a light weight look of healthy luster that does not weigh the hair down.

  • Wet Set:- You can smooth your edges while hair is wet when creating black women short hairstyles. Simply apply a reasonable amount of gel such as Echo styler to wet hair, followed by brushing it up into your desired position and tying it down with a scarf or saran wrap to mold the hair into place once it has dried. 

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