Blonde Hair Color Is Perfect for Achieving The HOT and Popular Captain of The Cheerleader Look!

Check below to get this season’s up and coming hottest blonde colors to compliment your skin tone!

Blonde hair color will be an exceptionally low color service as for maintenance goes. A cheerleader look of the single tone with the shade of platinum blonde hair dye has been on the style radar for many seasons and more to come.

If you are already blonde or considering going blonde, your biggest concern may be the big contrast in your roots when the formation of re growth begins. This is a common disadvantage to the popular Platinum blonde, as the regrowth of the roots being very tricky to hide.  

This particular blonde will do well for you if your hair is already naturally light blonde; have blemish free skin, and have a cool colored complexion such as pink or peachy undertones. If you have the look of a “California Tan”, you should avoid this particular single shade of blonde. The trending haircut of the season that affords well for this blonde hair color is a precision cut bob, with bone straight bangs.

Glamorous Blondes that Compliment Skin

Subtle shades such as honey blonde, or caramel can really enhance the skin tone and give you a luxurious appearance, and these colors will not make your roots appear as dreadful versus the platinum blonde upon growing out.

Ashy Tone Blondes

Color hair blonde with a soft and smoky blonde and black hair color which will afford well when you want to opt for those vintage blonde hair styles. This will be great for creating natural texture that’s in style.  

Salon Touchups

Touch ups for blonde hair will vary. The lighter you go such as the popular shade of platinum mentioned above, the more obvious the roots will appear once they’ve grown out. If you plan to color your entire head blonde, you can expect to have a touch up done every 4 to 6 weeks, and every 2 to 3 months for blonde highlights. If you are already blonde and want to go for blonde color highlights, they should be very subtle and placed away from your roots. A skilled hair colorists will be mindful of this.  

Hair Care Tips

You can keep your blonde hair color bright and beautiful by washing it with a blonde shampoo that includes a blue or violet concentrate in them. This will help to keep the yellow tones under control, especially during the spring season when blonde tones tend to lack shine appearing very dull.

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