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Find boys hair styles and popular hairstyles for guys, to best accommodate the everyday lifestyle for the average young man, and view essential hair care tips to uphold a stare of healthy looking hair.

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Popular Hairstyles for Boys

Below are some of the most stylish and common hair styles witnessed upon young boys today.

Faux hawk- which is also known as the “fohawk”. This particular look is styled using hair gel, and hair spray.

boys hair styles short

Style it:

Step 1. Approach this style with freshly cleansed hair freeing it from build up of dirt and oil, leaving the hair 20% wet and eighty percent dry.

Step 2. Proceed by applying an even amount of hair pomade(wax) throughout the hair. Doing this will encourage the boys hair styles to stick up providing it with electrifying spikes.

Step 3. Gather the hair in the center of the head starting from front to back, and comb it in an upright position, to make the hair stick up in spikes using your fine tooth comb. Continue by combing the rest of the hair downwards into place.

Finish: by misting the hair with maximum strength holding spray, and blow dry the hair style molding it into place using your diffuser.

boys hair styles for curly hair

Short and Tousled- This is one of the curly boys hairstyles that affords well for young men with natural curly hair.

Style it:

Step 1. Make a close trim onto the scalp and on the sides, followed by a clean line at the neck.

Step 2. Trim sideburns onto the face to give it a very sophisticated and stylish look.

Step 3. This particular hair style will require at least three inches in hair length at the crown.

Finish: Apply a finishing spray for shine

Tip: Arrest the curls and its unwanted flyaway’s to add shape and volume by using quality grades of styling products.

Shapeless and Layered- This hair style entails an all around uneven amount of shapeless cut layers throughout the hair. The traditional thing to do when styling short boys hairstyles, is to add a little bit of flavor, by incorporating a side swept fringe (bangs) off to the side.

boys hair styles 2012

Style it:

Step 1. It’s best to launch the short boys hair styles such as this one with freshly cleansed hair as well, leaving your tresses 20 percent wet so that it remains damp, as opposed to it being soaking wet, or even completely dry.

Step 2. Next, incorporate the layers using a pair of shears and a fine tooth comb. Unlike the traditional way of creating evenly cut layers in rows of short, to medium, and long, this unique look will have pieces of trimmed jagged layers throughout the entire head.

Finish: Mist with a soft finishing spray for added shine, and hold.

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