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Sultry Waves

Quick and cute easy hair styles such as long waves will always be the most desirable trends during the warmer seasons.

You can rock them sexy and fun, with an uneven part or a neat and sleek professional side part such as this style.

There is absolutely no one way to wear it, there are plenty of ways to work that wave.

Self Style it.....

1. Prep clean damp hair with a voluminizing product. If hair is thin use a product such as bumble and bumble thickening serum, and for thick hair use a mousse product such John Frieda Luxurious Volume Bountiful Body Mousse.

2. Blast dry the hair with a large round brush and create a neat side part down the middle.

3. Separate the dried hair into small segments and curl each one.

4. Muss and scrunch curled hair with your fingers to loosen the curls and create waves, and finish with a light holding spray such as L’Oreal Elnett.

easy to do hairstyles

Classic Pony

An effortless ponytail is a classic, and is also one of the most simplified looks for creating cute easy hairstyles for long hair today.  

It is always accessory friendly and one can were it active, elegant, or straight sexy and still make a fashion statement.

Self Style it:

1.  Blow dry clean wet hair using a reasonable amount of straightening balm. After the hair is completely dry, brush hair completely up to ensure that it is smooth, free of any kinks and tangle free.

2. Wrap a hairband in place to secure the placement of the tight pony.

3. Take a neat and thick combed out strand of your own hair to be wrapped around the ponytail concealing the hairband for a neater and sleek professional look. Finish with a dry hairspray for a soft flexible hold.



An up styled crown with a smooth bottom half is another one of the easy and cute hairstyles for shoulder length tresses.

It is very glamorous, and provides extra height.

This is one of the cute easy hairstyles that can be simply be achieved with the use if hair pins and a brush.

Self Style it:

1. Brush clean dry hair to ensure its smoothness and free from kinks. After that, srpitz hair all over to assist with hold and promote volume.

2. Section off the top half around the crown of your head, and temporally pin the lower half away while styling the top half.

3. Backcomb the top section from roots to mid length with your fine tooth comb creating a massive amount of volume, leaving out a top layer to be smoothed over the back brushed section of hair.

 4. Once hair has been back brushed, add the smoothed left over section of hair to be brushed back drawing it to the back of the head. Undue the lower half and flat iron it bone straight without bending the flat iron for a straight sleek look. Spritz hair with hairspray for shine and hold.

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Easy Bedhead

Shake up your medium length hair with a bed head look that’s full of texture and a fringe (bangs) that’s full of flavor.

Adding as much texture to the movement of your natural tresses provides a less groomed look.

This affords well on short to medium length hair with layers, and is also considered to be one of the simplest cute easy hairstyles

Self Style it:

1. Detangle your towel dried hair using a wide tooth comb to avoid breaking off the hair.

2. Distribute an even amount of mouse to and apply evenly throughout the hair from root to tip to create volume

3. Blow dry the hair and swiftly move it around targeting the roots to add lift. Scrunch the hair between the fingers and palms of your hand to lift and add texture. Smooth bangs out with your one inch flat iron.

4. Finish by misting the hair with spritz for added shine and hold.  

easy hairstyles for long hair

Sleek and Straight

Many easy hairstyles for school can be as simple as blow drying to be curled and styled under, and cute easy hairstyles such as this particular one gives a neat, traditional finish that works great on both mid length hair, and longer length tresses.

Self Style it:

1. Detangle your towel dried hair with a wide tooth comb. Apply styling serum in the palms of your hands rubbing them together and evenly rub the serum from root to tip.

2. Separate one side with sectioning clips, while twisting and clipping the remaining away until needed.

3. Take sections of hair wrapping it around a large circular paddle brush, and turn under as you blow dry. Simply repeat this until all of the hair has been dried.

Curly Upstyle

Most easy updo hairstyles creates a glamorous appearance when pinned up on short curly tresses especially if you’re in need of an evening look, and don’t have much time to fiddle and fight with your hair.

All you need is hairgrips such as bobby pins, and hairspray for holding to create cute and easy hairstyles such as this one.

Self Style it:

1. Brush the hair up into a high pony so that it sits directly on top of the crown. Some people have referred to this as the text book style.

2. Pin hair down with bobby pins leaving a few wispy strands on the sides for face the face on cute easy hairstyles.


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