"Discover a Different Hair Weave Technique To Get the Most Natural Look Without the Weavish or Wigish Type Stare"

A different hair weave technique could be the ideal way to upgrade your appearance. 

The key to selecting the perfect install is to first determine what all you wish to do with your hair as far as for versatility, cost, and how long you wish to keep the style.

The following allows you to familiarize yourself with the various unique and available installing options for hair weaves.

Strand by Strand 

Small segments of ready-made hair which can be purchased in singles strips. Hair additions are placed near the root of your hair to create a single strand. This technique provides a freestyle means of hairstyling. Due to the fact that the hair is NOT on a weft (track) it can be worn into a high neat and fashionable ponytail or bun.

The Duration of how long the style lasts depends on which strand by strand technique you choose to go with and how well each individual cares for their particular install. Its durable feature also allows you to flip the hair to any side ie. (to the right, left, front or back) giving you the option to wear and style it at every angle possible displayed below. The following explains and the various available strand by strand weaving methods.

Four Methods as followed below.....

1.Hot Fusion

2.Cold Fusion

3.Micro Crochet 

4.Brazillian Knots

different hair weave technique brazilian knots

The actual strands

different hair weave technique strand by strand extensions

Flipped to Side

different hair weave technique

High Ponytail

Method 1: Hot Fusion

These are ready made pre- tipped hair extensions which are individually attached to tiny strands of your natural hair using special adhesives (glue).

The installation time can vary depending on what you and your stylist wish to achieve in terms of fullness.

You can shampoo and relax your hair, and lasts for up to 3-5 months. You will need to purchase ready-made hair, specifically prepped for this weaving practice.

Duration: 3-6 months

Style Versatility: Unlimited

Styling Time: 4-6 hrs

different hair weave technique Hot Fusion

Applied w/ Hot Glue gun

Method 2: Cold Method (micro links)

This can be accomplished without the use of heat or glue as it is ideal for women who desire more length, texture, and color for a more natural look when optioning for a different hair weave technique.

The method is also best for women who wish to buy very expensive weave, as it facilitates the ability to reuse the hair due to its zero use of heat or glue.

The style requires beads for a secure hold. You will need to purchase ready-made hair, specifically prepped for this weaving technique.

Duration: 3-6 months

Style Versatility: Unlimited

Styling Time: 4-8 hrs

different hair weave technique micro link extension

Applied w/ Cylinder Beads

Method 3: Micro Crochet (Japanese Threading)

A high quality different hair weave technique which is known to be a safer substitute to the traditional“hot fusions and cold fusions aka (micro links) mentioned above.

This system provides the most natural finish of them all, and can last up to 4-12 months depending on each individuals hair growth and how one cares for their weave.

You will need to purchase ready-made hair that is, specifically prepped for this weaving method.

Duration: 4-12 months

Style Versatility: Unlimited

Styling Time: 4-8 hrs

different hair weave technique micro croche

Connected to and secured w/ thread

Method 4: Brazilian knots (Italian Weaving)

The Brazilian knot is a light weight different hair weave technique that happens to be very similar to the Micro-crochets in terms of its application method and style.

The creation of this simply involves a creative way of thread wrapped around segments of your real hair, combined with pieces of bulk hair weave to produce a single strand.

This involves absolutely NO, braids, harsh glue, pots, or special styling products, allowing you to freely access your scalp.

Unlike the ready- made hot/cold fusion and micro-crochet technique, this particular install provides you the freedom of selecting any type of hair you wish to use, as it is created, with traditional bulk hair.

Duration: 4-12 months

Style Versatility: Unlimited

Styling Time: 6-15 hrs

different hair weave technique micro braids bulk hai

Bulk Hair(Non Weft)

Mesh Lace Units

This is a very unique and different hair weave technique that can be applied with the use of glue or sewing. The lace is applied to the skin of one’s hairline, and can be custom made into the desired, length color, Highlights, shape of hairline, texture (curl or wave pattern), thickness (density), and can be made or purchased with human, or synthetic.

The custom units can also be made with Virgin (unprocessed) or Non Virgin Indian, Chinese, Malaysian, and Mongolian Remy hair. Lace units can be purchased in stock units or custom made to your unique measurements for a precise fit. You’re probably overwhelmed and wondering by now, what in the world is the Difference between the two???

The difference in stock units are ready to wear units which can basically be purchased as a “one size fits all”. Though the custom ones are more expensive, and can take anywhere from 4-6 weeks to be made, it will provide you the unbelievably ability to look like an entire new woman with one of them.

Women with medical problems such as alopecia, with health insurance may be eligible for a lace unit paid by their insurance. The flawless hair that you always see superstar Beyonce Knowles, and Ciara with, is ninety percent of the time a Lace Wig, and if you live in the Los Angeles area you can contact us to have her celebrity stylist properly apply your lace unit. The possibilities of the custom made units are endless.

Lace Wigs

different hair weave technique celebrit
different hair weave technique celebrityciara

Beyonce Lace Wig

Ciara Lace Wig

Lace Closure

These units are made out of the same material as a full lace wig. The units are much smaller and are generally used as closures when doing a different hair weave technique such as the traditional sew-ins to avoid the headache of blending your real hair with the weave that’s left out at the crown. As you can see the parting looks like a real scalp.

Duration: 1-12 months

Style Versatility: Unlimited

Styling Time: 1 hr

different hair weave technique lace closur

Inside View

different hair weave technique lace wig closur

Outside View


Tracking method is a different hair weave technique that will always be the classic way of installing weave, and is now one of the most cost effective of them all, for women who can’t afford the higher quality installs.

Most of you are probably familiar with the traditional method of weaving with track hair. This entails the use of hair weave on a track(weft) that are either hand tied or machine weft and can be purchased in human or synthetic hair as well as different hair textures(wave or curl pattern). This install is usually done by either sewing or bonding to produce a variety of styles.


Bonding will depend on how active of a lifestyle you live and the type of climate you reside in. If bonding, the hair is parted and placed directly onto the scalp and secured with hair glue. You will not be able to oil your scalp as the natural development of sweat and oil based products are the primary way for removing tracks.

Typical duration for this particular different hair weave technique will last no longer than 2 weeks of wear.

Examples of hairstyles created with bonding are quick weaves(or) wigs, Invisible parts, U-parts, 27 piece weave.

different hair weave technique bonding glu


For sewing, your real hair is braided down into a creative braid pattern. The tracks are sewn onto the braids with a needle and special thread made for weaving.

The duration of sewing tracks depends on the individual growth of one’s hair. Typically 1-2 months is good for a “sew in”,weave.

Examples of Sew In styles are Net Weaving, Malaysian Weave Also known as… Pole weave, braidless Sew In (or) Secure Locking.

Duration: 1week-3months

Style Versatility: Limited

Styling Time: 1-3 hrs

different hair weave technique sew i

"Stylist Note" some of the above tracking hairstyles can be created by both sewing and or bonding.


Braiding hairstyles is a great installation for women who are natural or relaxed but most popular for natural haired women as most braiding hairstyles are considered protective hairstyles. This is a  different hair weave technique that requires bulk weave to be attached to your real hair in the form of a braid for a secure hold. There is absolutely no glue, heat, or even styling products necessary for producing any of the following.

You never have to hassle with blending/ matching your natural hair with the weave you purchase because all of your real hair will be tucked and braided down with the weave. This keeps your natural hair from being exposed to the sun, styling products and excessive heat damage.

Examples of braiding hairstyles are Crochet braids, Tree Braids, Cornrows, Kinky twists, Micro Braids, Goddess Braids/Twist and more. Click Here for more Braiding Hairstyles.

Duration: 1-3months

Style Versatility: Limited

Styling Time: 1-15 hrs

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