“Donate Hair to Adults and Children Suffering Hair Loss From a Medical Condition and Receive Money When Making Certain Hair Donations ”. 

  Learn Below to find out if you qualify ..........  

Donate hair to help the millions of people who suffer hair loss due various types of medical illnesses such as Alopecia, breast cancer, and the undergoing of chemotherapy. This website is a nonprofit association that helps supports the less fortunate patients through the collection of hair donations. All contributions will be packaged and sent off to a hair manufacturer to be made into head wear such as wigs.

If you have hair at least 12 inches or longer this is a great way to help others when you donate hair for cancer or any other medical illness that causes hair loss. Many hair salons are participating and supporting the cause as well by providing a half priced or no charge haircut when you donate hair.  

 If you happened to be in need of a haircut, and your hair is at least twelve inches long this just may be your opportunity to get it free or at a reduced priced by making a hair donation.  Feel good to know that you have helped someone in need. A single person can influence the next. Tell your friends and family to participate.  

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Who Can Donate Hair?

Donations are accepted from both men and women of every race and age as long as all the following guidelines mentioned below, are met, and you can remain completely anonymous if you choose. Most of all the hair donations will come from children helping other children.

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How to Donate Hair?

  • The hair must formed into a ponytail (or) braid when sending
  • Hair may not be over processed (overly bleached/ chemically damaged)
  • Hair must be 12 inches minimum in length or longer measured from tip to tip
  • Hair must be completely clean dried, free from styling sprays and other hair products
  • Hair should be placed in a zip loc bag and sealed in an envelope for mailing  
  • Curly hair should be blown out/flat ironed straight to be sure it measures 12 inches or longer

          Note: Hair swept from the floor cannot be used

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How to Cut your Hair?

Step 1: wash and dry your hair completely

Step 2:  brush it back into a ponytail making sure that it’s free from any kinks(knots) and place it in a ponytail with a flexible band. You can also braid it to keep the hair in place.

Step 3: take a ruler or measuring tape and place it just below the hair band to ensure that it measures at least twelve inches from top to bottom.

Step 4: place hair in a plastic zip lock bag and mail it to the following address ……….


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Getting Paid to Donate

If your hair that you wish to donate is 16”inches or longer in length measuring (tip to tip) once it has been trimmed. Hair must be unprocessed (never bleached/colored) and be in a black or dark brown color. Include your name, email and contact number. Again you can remain anonymous. If you choose to be acknowledged notify us by enclosing it in the email. Please note that we have no way of identifying or tracking the recipient of the patient who received your gift when you donate hair for cancer.

Once received, you will be notified via email and compensation will be made to you via PayPal.  

We provide the payouts as followed below…………

$10- per ounce for every 16 -18 Inches you send

$15- per ounce for every 19-22 Inches you send

$20-per ounce for every 23+ Inches or longer

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