Easy Short Hairstyles

 Most easy short hairstyles and easy short hair styles 2016 can often be referenced to as (DIY) “do-it-yourself styles”. Due to the fact that you can self style your hair at a fraction of the cost, the idea of wanting a look of easy short hair styles will be priceless!

Easy Styling Ideas!

Below are a few of the styling ideas that appear short but yet very easy to maintain. Feel free to consider any of the suggestions below to use as one of your easy short hair styles.

Very short pixie- This is one of the very many easy short hairstyles, which works best on the length of very short tresses.

It's straight texture and swooped bangs provides an appearance of natural shine.

This look can be versatile by adding waves. Feel free to texturize it with a salt spray, and distribute evenly throughout the hair, to add waves.

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Classic Short Bob- This smooth yet easy to style and classic bob, with a nice looking fringe(bang)can look very edgy and vintage.

Pull hair back securing it with a headband for a quick and easy versatile stare.

Slicked and flipped- Achieve this look by applying mouse to your freshly cleansed not wet, but rather damp hair.

 blow dry your hair scrunching it with your fingers to create a wavy like texture, and comb into place as desired.

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Accessorize it Smart

From headbands, to hairpins, ponytail holders, and barrettes, choose your accessories wisely by knowing what to avoid, and what to select, when styling a look of easy short styles.

Be sure to always accessorize your hair. Accessorizing easy short hairstyles can turn any self- styled look into a million dollar stare when the right accessories are applied.


The use of accessories will be ideal for making your easy short hair look fashionable and complete. It will do an enormous job to adding fashion, as it will offset the overall hairstyle. It then becomes very stylish, simple, but yet chic.

Avoid: accessories that overwhelm the hair and detract the face, which takes the focal point away from the hair.

Opt: for less dramatic accessories to realistically pull the style together

Avoid: hair pieces with designs different from you’re clothing

Opt: for accessories with similar fabric to your attire, along with your hand bag, and shoe wear

Avoid: distractive hair pieces if your attire appears very busy in design Opt: for a plain and simple piece to put the focus on your face and hair

Avoid: accessories that will not compliment the occasion

Opt: for hair pieces which reflect the overall theme of your engagement. For instance, select flowers or tiaras to weddings, and rhinestone clips or beads to formal events.

Avoid: hair pieces that will not represent your personality

Opt: for pieces that will symbolize the person you are

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