Funky Hair Styles

Browse funky hair styles, haircuts and dramatic colors that are funky and modern enough to surely turn heads.

From edgy short crops to fashion statement long sultry locks, these hair images are great in helping you express your wild side.

 Funky Short Favorites!

1.This short funky crop is truly an eye catcher with the dual combination of its cutting edge trim and show stopping blends of reddish-orange tint. 

2. This look is all about its uniquely shaped silhouette, which is styled into a traditional shaped, bowl cut bob. The charcoal shade of black, gives a not to gothic feel but yet a more classy touch.

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3. A triple mix of burgundy, cherry red, and flashes of neon colors of orange underneath, will do great on ladies with more (course) thicker hair combined with plenty of textured cut layers.

4. Although this flavorful style appears to look border line punkish, this is actually one of the funky hair styles which happens to be an old school pleaser due to its retro shaped trim.

Funky Medium Favorites!

5. Put some stank into your medium length hair with a combo of pointed cut layers that are smoothed, and swept around the neck, covering one eye. The neon midnight blue beneath the black ink color makes it a bit funkier.    

6. A burgundy base color with small bursts of reddish wine highlights makes this one of the most fascinating and head turning looks of all the mid-length and funky hair styles to choose from. 

7. This chocolate based bottom and vanilla volumized tousled top is funky enough to definitely wow the crowd, and It’s not particularly the color, it’s the cut by itself, that provides funk which makes it a real fashion statement.

8. How about a funky rock look as a choice of funky hair styles, with plenty of uneven layers that are tousled at the crown and smoothed in the back to give the ability to create a number of styles with its provided versatility.

 Long Funky Favorites!

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9. This model has a base color of platinum blonde, pooled with a thick patch work of jet black on the right side.

This look may be funky enough for the alternative group of gals who like the “Emo” styles.

10. This long look is just fun long and flirty.

Everything about it screams girl.The savory precisely cut bangs is funky enough to wear alone.

The stripe of Barbie doll pink near the back can be simply applied with a single piece of clip in hair extensions.

11. For all of you that love the color purple get silly and have fun by adding a playful and funky duo of light and dark shades of purple.  

12. Give yourself a funky yet romantic look with a head full of big loose, long sultry curls.

This look can be placed high up into an updo, with colorful makeup to match its rainbow flashes of streaks.

Don’t forget to add lip stick for added sex appeal.

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