"Hair Cuts for Round Faces. Examples and
 Tips to Slim Down Circular Cheeks"!

Find hair cuts for round faces with stylish pictures and ideas to diminish the unwanted appearance of having a chubby or full looking face.

The use of short bangs also known as a fringe can help lengthen the appearance of the face.

The good news is that, shorter length haircuts can be very fitting, versus longer length hair styles, as they afford very well upon women with round faces.

Creating short hair cuts for round faces can be very stylish with the right hairstyle.

Women with round faces will suffer the unwanted appearance of having fullness in the face, as the distance from the forehead to the chin appears equal in length.

The goal to solving this dilemma is to opt for haircuts that are feathered and fall forward to slim down the face.

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Not sure that the shape of your face is actually round?

Follow these simple two steps below and find out!

If you happen to be one of the few women who are uncertain as to whether or not the shape of your face is round, you can easily figure it out with this two step method……..

Step 1. Simply pin all of your hair, including your bangs completely back into a pig tail.

Step 2. Grab a hold of a hand held mirror, and outline the shape of your face with an erasable sharpie or even your old lip liner from your make-up bag.

From there you should be able to determine exactly what the shape of your face is, just from looking at the sketch on the mirror.

Round Face Example

Stylist Note: You can guess that nine times out of ten, you are likely to have the shape of a round face if you have experienced the trouble of never being able to find the right haircut or hair style.

This is due to either having the appearance of having fullness in the cheeks, a short neckline, a round chin or even a broad hairline.

If this describes what you see when your hair is pulled back then chances are you have the shape of a round face.

Knowing this is another one of the most obvious and definite ways to be sure that you carry this unique and one of a kind facial shape.

Celebrities with a Round face.... Selena Gomez

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