"Short Black Hair Ideas for Women over Age 40"

For the latest short black hairstyles that are stylish and currently trending continue reading right below this text.....

From vintage glam to a chic modern and edgy short look, here are some of the most recommended hair styles for black women over 40 and fabulous.  

Vintage Glam

This short black hair style is an old school vintage look styled into a Mohawk .

This look can be a very elegant throwback for any special occassion or an everyday look.

The sides are smoothed and finger waved and the crown is styled a bit longer at the top for added height.  

Styling Options: Cut, and Style Your Own Hair

Hair Type: Relaxed 

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Radiant Pixie

A short pixie with hints of bronze mixed with blondes at the crown, gives an instant and natural look of radiance to the skin, on women with yellow undertones.

The crown is layered and curled in different directions with Marcel irons, and finished with holding spray, such as spritz. 

Styling Options: Cut, Color, and Style Your Own Hair

Hair Type: Relaxed

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27 Piece Mohawk

Hair by: Marita Image By: Herb Bias Cleveland OH

If your one of the women that's all about color and want to stand out from the crowd, opt for this ultra edgy 27 piece weave styled into a Mohawk.

I like this particular install because you don't have to sacrifice the cutting of your existing hair.

The crown is snipped and colored to perfection and if your hair is not relaxed, you can still accomplish this look being that all of your natural hair is molded down before applying. 

Styling Options: Quick Weave, 27 Piece Weave, Cut, Color, and Style Your Own Hair

Hair Type: Relaxed or Natural 

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Piano Highlights

If your in the mood for a Fall look, go for the service of a cut, color, and style with strips of bold highlights, with shades of blonde and bronze. The crown is half curled in different directions to add drama and height to the style.

Finish with a good holding spray if your living in an area of warmer weather. 

Styling Options: Cut, Color, and Style Your Own Hair

Hair Type: Relaxed

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Faux Mohawk

Source: JS Photography 

You can create a faux Mohawk with your existing hair such as this short black hair style.

The sides of your hair is more than likely already tapered, therefore you can simply smooth them down with styling gel, and style the crown hot irons in the desired direction you that you like.

Hints of  dark bronze highlights are at the ends on the crown to accentuate the detailing of the style. 

Styling Options: Cut, Color, and Style Your Own Hair

Hair Type: Relaxed

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Retro Style

Give a jazzy appeal with an old school retro looking Mohawk.

The sides are tapered with a low cut and smoothed down. The top is styled in a french roll, and laid flat appearing as a large pin curl or barrel curl in the front.

Finish with a light sheen spray for a soft look. 

Styling Options: Cut, and Style Your Own Hair

Hair Type: Relaxed


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