2013 Hair Styles for Long Hair!

Browse hair styles for long hair in our latest gallery displaying this season’s hottest trends for shoulder length hair styles.  Wearing hair down your shoulders will give you the ability to show off its beautiful, color, length, condition, and shine. From super sleek shiny and bone straight hair, too big loose sultry sexy curls, find what works for you.  

Gorgeous big loose waves on super long and thick hair can give off a very romantic appearance, as it can be a great substitute in place of wearing the traditional and formal updo.

Very long one length hairstyles with no layers are usually not much of a fascinating look. So adding a rich vibrant color while adding lots of curls and waves is a must to keep this style appealing.

Pin your hair up and back as an alternative to wearing bangs. This will balance the curls, making you appear taller in height. And lengthens a round shape face.

This is one of the darker colors of the very many hairstyles for long hair that allows great opportunity for shine due to the reflection of light displaying its great condition.

The top finish of this style displays a casual and beautiful yet different look with its smooth contrast at the top on long thin hair.

Blending rich brunettes with streaks of ashy colored gold’s provides a very rich radiant intense of color on hair styles for long hair.

shoulder length hair styles such as this one can be achieved by, coordinating the hair around a large circular shaped brush and blow-drying to produce big loose waves.

Achieve texture and a little volume by crimping small segments of hair, followed by teasing the layers to plump the hair until reaching your desired amount of volume.

Those of you blessed with a generous amount of long healthy semi thick looking hair can enjoy the idea of wearing it loosely styled versus set, place serum to the ends for added luster.

Uncover your face with the right amount of volume, texture, and height. Since this look has an enormous amount of volume and height be sure to add maximum strength spray for holding.

Keep hair away from the face creating height and style with a side piece of hair loosely French braided and pinned back onto the middle of your hair is one of the popular hair styles for long hair.

Hair styles for long hair with geometric cut bangs and long trimmed layers will provide for great movement and texture. Adding a different texture of extensions is optional to amplify length.

The “Bed Head” look on hairstyles for long hair is one of the easiest to achieve on women with very long fine hair. Layers can be cut through, followed by voluminizing products for plumping.

Create poise and sophistication with a casual updo. This can easily be created on medium thick to long hair without extensions. Bobby pins, holding spray, and the accessory of choice is all that’s needed.

Shoulder length styles with a smooth straight crown and a bottom contrast of tightly curled ringlets, provides a stylish and very clean look, when styling hair styles for long hair.

Place long hair up into a high ponytail for a very stylish and active appearance. Adding French braids along the sides or even a side fringe(bang) is optional for framing the face.

The hump at the crown of this hairstyle AKA the “Hollywood Hump,” can add height and be very casual. The stylish braid wrapped around the ponytail can be the focal point of the hairstyle.

A plaited five strand ponytail is a very stylish and easy hair style to achieve. The most difficult part is getting the braid to appear even, which takes a skilled stylist to perfect.

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