Hair Styles for Thin Hair

Browse hair styles for thin hair, with styling tips on how to make hairstyles for fine thin hair appear thicker.

Thin hair can be identified by either strong or weak; they both carry the same characteristics due to its texture.The main hitch is simply not having enough volume.

This can easily be masked with the right styling methods and the appropriate styling products described below.  

Add Texture

Adding texture such as curls will help the appearance of having thin hair as curls create an instant look of volume or bulk. Approach the style of curls on fine hair by first detangling the hair, for a smooth surface eliminating any kinks. Do this by combing from the ends on up to the roots and part hair wherever you prefer.

Next, divide the hair with sectioning clips, taking small segments of hair and misting with styling spray. Use the curling size and type of your choice to make a recommended nice tight curl, as fine hair tends to drop its curl quite faster than normal.

Pro Tip! Be sure to not go overboard with hair spray as too much will   give off a crispy sort of wrinkled type look on hair styles for thin hair. Style hair one hour prior to an event to avoid the falling of curls.

Hair Extensions

Hair extensions not only add length to hair but can also add bulk for women with insufficient volume to the hair. One of the most common yet creative solutions to camouflage this problem is simply adding hair extensions.

There are many different techniques to adding extensions on hair styles for thin hair, but the most recommended method is the no glue no braid strand by strand technique, Identified as the  “cold fusion, or micro links” which are done using beads. Another option is the Japanese threading which is done using thread only.

Pro Tip! The extension methods mentioned above are most common versus other extensions such as the traditional sew in done by braiding your hair, or clip in extensions applied with medal clips. This is to ensure coverage, so that the extensions will not be visible.

Blow Drying

Blow-drying specifically with a diffuser attached is another option to create volume on thin hair.  For women with long fine hair, this method will enhance fullness, movement and show off its natural texture.

Approach this method with towel dried freshly washed, and damp hair. Detangle with a wide tooth comb. Second, apply a heat protecting product to avoid burning your fragile tresses. Pull the top half of your hair up and secure it with sectioning clips.  Set the diffuser to medium/cool heat, positioning the diffuser between the ends and mid lengths of the hair.

Once you have made it half way through the bottom section, you should notice more volume. You can now unclip the top section and repeat until reaching the same result.

Pro Tip! To maximize texture allow the diffuser to actually assemble itself upon the hair when drying.

Back brushing

Back brushing, which is sometimes referred to as back combing or even teasing, adds an immediate stare of volume to fine hair. Unlike the time consuming blow drying or using rollers to set or curl your hair, this method is by far the most convenient of them all when styling hair styles for thin hair.  

Blunt Cuts

The traditional Bob hair style is a great way to camouflage the appearance of fine hair; this is due to its precisely clipped ends. Combine a look of choppy cut layers to make your styling options a bit more versatile. This gives you the ability to create a shaggy look which makes the hair appear fuller. You also have the option of doing some simple and low maintenance styling using a little bit of styling lotion and blow drying.

Apply Color

Believe it or not, color can actually disguise the appearance of having fine thin hair. Minor puffiness and immensity of the hair can result from chemical services such as color treatments. A combination of actually thickening the hair, and adding a recommended dual color of blonde and brown highlights will provide the instant illusion of having more volume when styling hair styles for thin hair.

Styling Products

There are several different styling products such as shampoos, styling mouse, voluminizing sprays powders and more that are specifically formulated to assist in the creation of adding more volume when creating hair styles for thin hair.

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