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Find a hairstyle magazine that works. Purchasing most hair style magazines or even a short hair style magazine, will have its pros and cons.

A transition in the change of hairstyles, or hair color can be somewhat challenging, and require some compromising.

We often times flip through the magazines, and see many beautiful styles that we like, but in reality we may or may not be able to imitate them.

Most hair magazines are divided and classified into different groups such as celebrity hairstyles, color trends for each season, styles for all hair lengths, and different cuts.

Most of their beauty advice will be from, trade shows, learning events, and interviewed industry experts from around the world.

Nearly all hair style magazines can be found at your local beauty supply stores, grocery stores, magazine stand, and of course, hair salons.

Each issue will be sold separately with an option to subscribe.

Subscribing to magazines will save you up to 60-70% on your purchase, which will save you a great amount of money, verses buying them separately.

This may be a necessity for the clientele of many salon professionals.

You will find that some magazines will have both everyday realistic hairstyles, while others will display more model type or runway trends.

The thought of owning a few hairstyle magazines can be a very beneficial resource to use at your consultation.

Obtain a clear idea of what many of the well known magazines has previously had to offer.

Hair Style Magazines

Color & Style: From everyday classics, to what’s hot and what’s not, the publishers of American Woman will deliver a lineup of hair magazines, about six times a year. This magazine will fashion you forward with the latest color and style advice for current and future seasons to come.

Short Hair: From pixies to Bobs, and other short crops, this will be your one stop source for short hair ideas. This Harris Publication will distribute its magazines every three months.

Celebrity Hairstyles: This particular magazine is great for keeping up with all the rage amongst the latest Hollywood hairstyles. Produce a star- studded stare with another Harris Publication, issued every other month.

Cut & Style: Take a short cut, to some of the sexiest new trims and styles of the season. This issue is presented by Hairdo, and is also a Harris publication, which prints twice yearly. It’s great for obtaining ideas for a fresh new cut and ways to style it.

Hair: This magazine is one of the best sellers in the UK. It delivers unstoppable ideas for new cuts, styles, and coloring trends. Find products that work, along with style advice straight from the Pro’s.

Short Cuts: This hairstyle magazine is great for the search of older women hairstyles, such as women over 40. View style makeovers with before and after pictures, and get fabulous How To hairstyles, in which this magazine is renowned to deliver. This is published every month by Multi-Media International, LLC

Hair Style Guide: Delivers men and women hair styles. Get FAQ’s from the pros, with trend alerts for the following seasons to come. Rather your hair is short medium or long, you’re guaranteed to find a winner for any occasion or lifestyle. This Harris publication is issued every other month.

Sophisticate’s Black Hair: This hairstyle magazine is a great reference for the hair care, and styles of African-Americans. They are the publishers of Associated Publications, Inc. which is issued eight times a year, and is the number one seller for black hair magazines.

Hype Hair: From weaves to wigs, and even great hair products, this is another African-American black hairstyle magazine.

Native Accent’s BRAIDS: from styling your natural hair, to braids, twist, and locks, this hairstyle magazine is the World’s number one seller for African hair braiding.

Modern Salon: This hairstyle magazine will be ideal for the industry professional. Read salon talk, while viewing the latest hairstyles, skin and nail care from other interviewed professionals in the hair business.

American Salon: This hair magazine is the entire ramble throughout the hair arena of most styling professionals. The trendy hair styles presented in this magazine are launched from some of the top leading industry experts. Get insight on the latest hair products, haircuts, and coloring trends.

Bridal Hair Gallery: This hair magazine is ultimate for the big day of the bride-to-be. Get the gorgeous hair for you and your bridesmaid, by bringing the imagination of your wedding hair to life, with the no nonsense bridal hair magazine.

101 Hairstyles: will give you tons of realistic hair ideas for many occasions. From season to season, you can now keep up with the popular demand of the most wanted hair trends.

“Hot Hair” Celebrity Style Hair Special: will present to you trends for every age. Find celebrity inspired teen trends, and older women hair styles. This magazine will inform you of the many hair products that are used, and how to apply them, for the hairstyles presented in the photos. This magazine is published every month by Multi-Media International, LLC

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