"Find Black Hair hairstyles and Pictures of Popular Short Cuts and Quick Weaves for BOTH Natural and Relaxed Women". 

These hairstyles for black hair will open your eyes to a new way to embrace and appreciate being a black woman with short hair.

From bold and modernized Razor Cuts, to Quick Weaves, and 27 Piece Weaves, these present-day styling ideas our, sophisticated, sassy, and feisty and is sure to turn heads wherever you go.

Get in with the business and let the following looks give you motivation.   

Soft Curly Mohawk

A soft curly Mohawk is the ideal look for women who wish to try the hair style for the first time and want a touch of glamour with soft curls. This is a Faux Mohawk slicked down on the sides to mimic the look of a real one.  

If the idea of sacrificing the sides of your hair seems intimidating, consider a Faux one by simply molding the sides smooth with gel and wrapping strips. 

Styling Options: If your hair is already this shape, begin the style with clean wet hair, and apply your favorite setting lotion such as the classic Lottabody in blue or the"Wrap N and Tap N. Be sure its diluted properly to avoid hard and crunchy looking curls.

You can mold the sides down with Gel such as the "Ampro styling Gel", using a fine tooth comb, or you can use your setting lotion. The middle can be roller set with small size rollers to get the size of these curls.

Once the hair is dry, you can finger comb them to separate and finish with a light sheen spray. 

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Sassy and Versatile

A Versatile and grown out Pixie such as this can easily go from simple and stylish to very glamorous which is great for when you have that special occasion. 

Styling Options: If your hair is already cut this way,  you can wash wrap and style it using your small marcel irons to make elegant flips in the front, followed by pin curling the back and removing the bobby pins, just to position it flat.

Finish with a light sheen spray.  

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Pointed Layers

This short crop is simple and chic with its pointed cut layers. It has been washed, wrapped, combed out and finished with a light sheen for added luster.

Styling Options: You can wash, wrap, and trim your hair and cut some deep layers in it to add movement and provide shape.

Use a soft setting lotion that has been properly diluted to get this soft look, and set with a light weight oil sheen. Avoid glosses and serums for this hair style. 

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Creative Marcel Bumps

This fierce and sassy hair gives off a bold and bodacious stare like many black hairstyles that are short with its brilliant bumps in the back created with tiny marcel irons. 

Styling Options: Approach this style with clean hair that has been recently washed and conditioned. 

The hair at the crown should be flipped up (curled upwards) in the direction of the style. The back is curled under with tiny marcel irons to create its bumps.

Spray the hair with a good holding spray to preserve the style in place, and a light weight oil sheen for shine.

You can also get this look with a  Quick Weave, or 27 Piece weave which is known to have similar styles such as this look.

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Soft and Wispy

Give a soft and sassy look with a pop of burgundy at the top off set with a your normal black hair at the base for a unique contrast.

The look includes deeply cut to and pointed layers that are positioned in a way to give it a wispy and slight feathered look. 

Styling Options:  If your current hair is already this shape, start by coloring the top of the hair with a rinse or any coloring method of your choice in your favorite burgundy shade.

Next shampoo and condition the hair followed by molding the hair down with setting lotion and wrapping strips. Sit under the dryer for about 45 minutes. Remove the wrapping strips and comb the hair out.

Curl the back with your small size Marcel irons to create the bumps. Take a large barrel iron to create half curls at the crown and curl it in the direction of the style. 

Separate with your fingers to create a wispy look and preserve the style with a very light holding spray.  

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Razored Choppy Pixie

For an electrifying look, go for a razor cut pixie that has been cut and styled to perfection using a razor. 

Styling Options: Incorporating deep blunt layers with the razor is the ultimate way to get this look. 

Avoid curling or bending the ends with a hot tool and leave them as they are after cutting, to imitate the choppy look.

Finish with a light sheen spray.  

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Feisty Layers

A choppy and blunt razor cut  with deep pointed layers provides instant body(movement).

Spice it up a bit and give a little attitude with a touch of red which will add flavor to your overall look. 

Styling Options: Instead of sacrificing the length of your own hair just to get this look, you can create a quick weave and have the weave itself cut this way.

The hair will move slightly different being that it is on tracks, but the crown will stay in place with out much holding spray due to the stiffness of the tracks.

A 27 piece weave can also be considered to achieve this look.

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Fiery Red Mohawk

This feisty Mohawk has a two tone look with the top being a shade of red and the base being black for its color.

Coloring the hair style like this, gives off a great contrast which really allows you to show off the detailing of the style.  

Styling Options: If your existing hair is not the shape and color of this style already, you can opt for the service of a cut, color, and style from your professional stylists, but a more quicker, cheaper, and efficient  way to get the look is a 27 piece weave. 

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