"Hairstyles for African American Women"

 Browse hairstyles for african american women, such as braids, quick weaves, natural hair styles and even ghetto trends desired by many urban sistas.

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The idea of going natural is all about embracing the look of your natural hair from its original state in which it appeared at birth. The hair has never been relaxed or premed which is also known as being “chemically straightened”. Many black women will refer to it as being “Nappy”.

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Quick Weaves The quick weave is one of today’s most popular hair styles for african american women. It consists of an undetectable part, meaning none of your scalp will be visible which results in the stare of wearing a full head wig. This hair style is quick and efficient.

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27 Piece

The “27 Piece” Weave gives you the ability to create a variety of different styles and colors without damaging your real hair. It consists of hair weave sewn onto track which comes pre-packaged in many different styles. Bonding glue is used to achieve this look which is used to be glued onto a black stocking cap.

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Sew Ins

Sew in weaves are one of the most popular and common hair styles for african american women . This particular method is a great way to add length, fullness, and even color to your natural hair with little to no damage.

The sew in hair style can be created in a variety of ways, and one of the most established ways is the braided Sew-In.

A sew in with braids requires your real hair to be braided into a particular braid pattern.

hairstyles for african american women

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