"Find Blonde Hairstyles for Black Hair, Best for Women of color w/ Relaxed Hair"!

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Blonde hairstyles for black hair can come in a variety of shades, but choosing the correct one to compliment your skin tone is the catch.  Many women believe that they are only obligated to a specific color due to their complexion but contrary to popular belief, its all about how you wear it. Allow the following to inspire you.   

Pure Genius 

A dark color such as jet black or an off black shade pops really well up againts a blonde color. 

Apply a light weight oil sheen to avoid weighing your hair down before styling, and use a wired made brush. Using a wired brush will make the layers more obvious.

The beauty supply color that best mimics this blonde, will be a #27.Do keep in mind that some women desire and ashy, in other words, "less shiny" look. Your best bet is to Buy the hair in regular Human Yaki hair versus synthetic which will give you a more shiny look. 

Million Dollar Mohawk

A blonde Mohawk is one of the hairstyles for black hair that has a million dollar look all over it. Many women have fear of her appearance being to loud when going blonde for the first time, but its all about how you wear it.

The sides are shaved and the top is left long enough to layer and curl.

Consider this to be the service of a cut, color and style from your stylists.   

Blonde Pixie

If you like the boyish look with the very short  pixie and deeply cut layers consider this pixie snip as one of your choices of blonde hairstyles for black hair to choose from.

This style will keep you cool during the summer time and requires maintenance every two weeks.

Golden Curls 

A roller set with Blonde hair has always been an all time favorite, for me.  Use magnetic rollers in the smaller sizes, and finger comb with your fingers instead of your comb.

This look is a great way to give yourself a very dolled up and glamorous type of appearance.  If your looking to stand out from everyone else in the room this is definitely a look to consider. 

If using track hair be sure to apply a number a straight #27 and NOT a 1b/27 in a Honey blonde to mimic this color best and do a roller set.  If your existing hair color is already black or some type of off black or light brown such as a #1 jet Black ,#1b Off black, or #2  this hair style will be perfect as it gives the illusion of having a look of hair color that is growing out, 

Boycut Blonde

You can probably agree that something about  short haircuts convey a look of strength, and if that's not enough, giving a pixie such as this one with a platinum white blonde will only enhance it.   

Layered Crop 

Go ultra edgy with a sexy short crop as one of your blonde hairstyles for black hair choices.

If your existing hair isn't already short, and your hesitant of going very short, start slow with something such as this style, or a quick weave to see if you like the cut. The blonde is not to light and is actually a blonde that affords well for many skin tones. 

Iced Blonde Mohawk 

This particular blonde which is referred to as iced blonde or white blonde goes well on all skin tones, and  styling a Mohawk with it , will really put the emphasis on the color.

If your existing hair is not already cut and colored this way, this will be the service of a cut, color, and style which requires maintenance every two weeks from your stylist. 

Blonde and Texturized

When the summer approaches and you want something to keep you cool, a snip such as this wont get any cooler.

A low shave, texturizer and a less extreme blonde is one of the hairstyles for black hair that has a very low maintenance hairstyle. Cutting your hair this short accentuates and enhances the natural physique of your body, just as any short style but more.  

3 Tone Bronze

This is a Mohawk with three shades of Bronze and blondes. Having shades of three different blondes can look much more interesting than having a single color in your hair, because the three shades of blonde gives it that gradual brightening effect or an obvious contrast such as this Mohawk .

In my opinion having three shades of bronze and blondes will be a great way to adapt to the much lighter blondes as one of  blonde hairstyles for black hair choices.

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