"Find Hairstyles for Fat Faces To Help Slim Down the Appearance of Having Chubby Cheeks!"

Find hairstyles for fat faces, with dedicated images of hairstyles for full figured women, and stylishly create any hairstyles for full faces. See the following right below to learn how!

 The idea of minimizing the stare of having a fat face is to simply detract from the appearance of its round elements. This will take the right body type intact with the correct hair style.

Hair styles for fat faces are sometimes referred to as, “hair styles for round faces”. This is due to the fact that most full figured women with large faces will usually carry out an encircling shaped face.

Super short Pixie: Always keep the style in part within the appearance of your body. Trimming the hair to short, or adding too much volume to diminish the stare of a fat face can also look worse. Instead, you would want to create styles which will best shape the face, and the idea of sharp layers will usually do it.

Short and Layered: incorporate layers into your short tresses to minimize the appearance of having a circular face. Depending on how short your hair is, you can even try feathering the hair around the cheek area to give the face a more slender effect.

Popular Hair Styles

Take precaution when styling short length hair on women with full figured faces. The hair must not be too short, as this will increase the unwanted appearance within the roundedness of the face. Opt for chin length or mid neck length hairstyles, and incorporate layers with a fringe parted off to the side. Below are some of the commonly styled short hair styles for fat faces below.

Short and Shaggy: A short shag will work wonders for the average full figured woman. This particular look is known to reduce the appearance of having a wide face, as it creates length to the neck, which results in a slimmer looking face. This will be your number one choice as it conceals the round face in which an overweight woman will have.

Short updos: Such as a stylish bun will be a great way when creating styles for fat faces. This ideal look is renowned to provide automatic height at the crown.

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Recommended Styles

Bobs: Preferably bobs that are shortest in the rear, and combed frontwards, which stops at the chin. This short to medium length Bob, will do well for women with fat faces. Tease the crown to add height, and hairstyles like these will make the face appear much slimmer.

Stacked Layers: stacked and wispy looking layers around the jaw, will subtract the stare of chubby looking cheeks. Bend the ends with a pair of your 1” flat irons, to ensure a slight curl. This will help slim not only the circular cheeks you carry, but the plump chin as well. This style is ultimate for women with straight hair, which is easiest to layer as it provides volume and movement.

Layered Pixie: This particular style will bring thickness to the top of the head which is vital when creating hairstyles for fat faces. It does a great job of shaping the upper face, as it puts the emphasis on the cheekbones, and hollow eyes. Finger comb the crown, to generate fluffiness.

Sleek Flips: This look entails a sleek finish at the top, with hair length measuring exactly at the neck. Be sure to include a long side swept fringe off to the side. Take segments of the hair, piece by piece and bend outwards to produce a nice and flowing flip. Avoid a full curl by using your 1”inch flat irons instead of curling irons. The ends will give the overweight neck a nice and supple appearance with flowing carefree flips.