Hairstyles for Thick Hair

Browse hairstyles for thick hair pictures with detailed styling info on many of the following looks of hairstyles for thick coarse hair.


Bring on a real statement as one of your choices of new hairstyles for thick hair with a duo look of two-textures. This look features a combo of having a very smooth straight fringe (bang) contrasted with a roller set of tight little ringlets. The result of the overall look gives a well groomed appearance and very eye-catching and modest look.

new hairstyles for thick hair

Medium thick Bob

Blow drying a super sleek and shiny set of bangs on medium hair, while flipping the ends out, promotes a stylish and sophisticated looking Bob. This will be ideal specifically for the woman with a heart shaped face as it softens the jaw-line when styling Bob hair cuts for thick hair.

Strong Thick Quiff

Longer length hair styles are renowned to provide the ability of producing strong voluminous looks on hair styles for thick hair, and this particular hair style is the perfect prime example. The crown was backcombed, and rolled under to form a stylish quiff, with the back section being teased being brush backwards creating a massive amount of volume. The side braid makes it bit funky and adds interest.

hair dos for thick hair

Tumbling Tendrils

A look of large pin curls on medium blonde tresses looks very old school sexy, and border line Marilyn Monroe. The tight tumbling curls can simply be styled by setting the hair, and being very cautious of not splitting the curls apart while placing them to get the shape you want.

Pro Tip: Be sure to maintain an abundance of height at the crown, and forehead.

Rocking Top Roll

Bring on sophistication and poise, with a half up half down look of hairstyles for thick hair that appears statuesque and makes you appear straighter in posture to create a real impact. This style entails the use of a hair brush, clips for sectioning, a hair band, bobby pins and hair spray.

The hair was simply sectioned off into two with the least amount of hair at the crown and the most amount of hair in the back placed into a low side swept ponytail. Wrap a thin strand of your own hair around the pony to conceal the detail of using a hair band.  

Capture the top section and brush any kinks out of the hair, then take your hand and wrap the hair to form a roll, securing it with an extra long Kirby (bobby pin) and push them inside to assure that they do not show. Curl the ends of the pony for minimal texture. Finish with a finishing spray such as spritz for hold and shine.  

Thick Pony

If your one of the women who happens to be confident in both the shape of your face, and features, why not go ahead and display it by shooting for a drawn up neat and sleek long ponytail as your choice of hairstyles for thick hair.

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