Hairstyles for women over 40

Top hairstyles for women over 40, which will instantly take years, away from your appearance.

Many women above their fabulous forties have worn the same hairstyle, haircut and hair color for the past few decades.

By this age, many of them have already established both their families, and careers, and after years of trying so many hair styles, you just can’t resist the desire of a fresh new look for a more polished and youthful appearance.

Be gorgeous in your forties, fifties and sixties by considering five of the following hairstyles for women over 40!

Short Crop

Color: Hairstyles for women over 40 such as this look in particular has a style of multi-dimensional streaks that can best be described as a salt and pepper color. The colors are placed row after row for the purpose of producing a strikingly highlighting effect.

Style: The style is heavily stacked and cut for an enormous amount of texture in which the hair cutting of shorter hair will have. Your stylist can apply a sticky pomade to define pieces of hair giving it a piecey sort of finish if desired. The style was topped off with a mild holding spray for a medium to soft hold.

Mid Length Bob

Color: The shade of this style is grey, and is actually preferred as it is considered to be a real charm as one of the African American hairstyles for women over 40 allowing them to embrace and be proud of their great age.  

Style: The style was freshly washed followed by a leave in conditioner on her not wet, but damp hair to promote shine and styling. The hair was then dried and flat ironed. Her ends and only the ends were clipped to give it a healthier and not so thin look, while maintaining her length towards the front to keep her asymmetric cut bob.  

Side swept- Crop

Color: As for color detail of this style, the natural shade of her hair was retouched for the purpose of lightening up her look; this in turn gave it a little more dimension.  

Style: This style was approached with a drop of light weight styling lotion, measuring a dime in size to be distributed evenly on her towel dried hair. The hair was then blow dried followed by minor layering in the back to clean up the shape of her existing cut. This produced a stare of soft movement.   

Curls to create Volume 

Color: Her natural color is used and washed with a thickening shampoo to camouflage the existence of thin hair.  

Style: A reasonable amount of styling foam was massaged evenly to her 20 percent wet, and 80 percent towel dried hair. The blow dryer was then applied using a vent brush lifting the roots to bring volume. A small curling tong along with hair spray was applied for shaping, giving it an all over look of round curls. The hair was then picked and lifted up and out from the roots with a three-cleft pick comb, giving it soft volume.

Blunt and Choppy

Color: Her original hair color was kept for a natural mature look in combination with this particular style.

Style: The hairdresser of this mature woman made her style all about volume and spike. The look was launched by washing her hair with shampoo and conditioner made for straightening. The hair was then blotted with a towel to remove excessive water. A circular vented brush was used to straighten the hair while blow-drying, and lifting small segments of hair up at the roots to keep the ends looking edgy. After her tresses were dried, hair was then pushed up at the roots, using pomade, to spread the product down to the tips for added flexibility.

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