"Halle Berry Hairstyles"!

Browse halle berry hairstyles, to imitate the perfect halle berry hair for you. Discover your favorite halle berry short hair styles, inside our halle berry short hair gallery.

From on screen, to award shows and even red carpet events, we’ve revealed some of the most popular halle berry hair styles, in the midst of her most famous moments.

Movie: Boomerang(1993)

uncover one of halle berry short hair styles from the early 90’s as she starred in the movie Boomerang. This short look of Halle’s can be challenged with a short wig.

  • Prep: wig stocking cap, brush
  • Style: Comb hair down at all angles towards the front, back and sides, without any parts. Start from the top center of your hair brushing it into a round circular halo, and apply the stocking cap.
  • Finish: use wig sheen or conditioning spray.

Tip: Be sure to brush hair neatly to avoid any lumps or kinks, so that the wig will rest at a leveled and flat position.

Movie: Xmen(2000)

halle berry hairstyles from xmen movie

  • Prep: Holding Spray, Flat Iron, Comb
  • Style: Make a bang with a slight bend off to the side, to get the best of halle berry hair styles. Comb your hair down in the back and on both sides. Use the end of a rat tail comb to make at least three rows, and lightly flip the ends, with your flat iron, to coordinate it in an upward and outer position. Dying your hair grey is optional, but not needed. Wigs can also be purchased with this look.
  • Finish: with a light holding spray, and oil sheen for shine

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