"Latest Black Hair Styles & Sew-Ins  for
 Relaxed and Natural Beauties"!

Find the latest black hair styles for Protective styling and the new and Ingenious Vixen Sew In Method, for Both relaxed, transitioning and natural women.  

Familiarize yourself with how to achieve some of the latest trends for natural hair yourself for as little as two bucks, and have NO regrets with the below recommendations of Virgin hair that will match nearly any texture when you get your next Sew In.  

Let the following Inspire you! 

The "Vixen Sew- In"

The "Vixen Sew-In", also known as the "Versatile Sew In", is one of the latest black hair styles as for the most flawless looking weaving technique when doing a "Sew- In".

Many sew ins limit you to how you can wear your hair, but this is the ultimate method for women who want versatility in the way you wear your hair. If you like High ponytails and High buns without your tracks showing and looking Bulky when you flip them over, then this will be the ultimate install for you.  

Other names for this Technique is called the "4 Part Sew In, or the 3 Part Sew In". The 4 Part allows you to part your hair in four ways, and the 3 part allows you to part your hair in 3 ways.

Get a preview of this particular Sew-In below. 

Photo Source: Radiant Hair and Beauty

Your Questions to Latest Black Hair Styles Answered...

-How many Bundles? The longer your hair weave is in length, the less hair you will have. Purchasing anything longer than an 18 inch will require at least four bundles of hair, but hair purchased less than an 18 inch should be weighing at about 3.5 oz should only take three bundles.

-Purchase by Layers: the two braid patterns in the back purchase at the same length and in the front at the same length 

-How much hair to leave out? You basically go by sight and not what everyone else is doing. A skilled stylists should be aware of this. Some women have very thin hair and some have very course hair. 

-Choosing the Right Texture: I cant begin to tell you how important it is to choose hair that matches your natural hair to a "T". This install requires some of your natural hair to be left out. Our hair changes when exposed to humidity, steam, heat or water, therefore to avoid the need of having to place heat on your hair everyday, you will want to get extensions that will follow the flow of your natural hair.  For example, if your natural hair waves up when wet or exposed to humidity, you will want your weave to do the same thing. 

-Using Nylon Thread vs. Cotton:  Use Nylon thread versus Cotton thread as cotton tends to collect dirt. Nylon thread is preferred because it is composed of a waxy layer that doesn't consume dirt and debris.   

Weft Construction: The wefts should be thin if your stylists is going to fold them over to avoid getting a bulky and out of proportion look. If you do purchase hair with wefts that are not thin, you may use them but you will have to cut the tracks, which will then be almost impossible to reuse.  

-Purchasing Curly/Wavy Hair vs. Straight: Will give a different look as in fullness. Curly or wavy hair provides more of a voluminous look. This is one of the things that many clients don't realize before getting the latest black hair styles such as the "Vixen Sew-In". Whichever route you choose is a matter of personal preference. 

Get a sneak preview of what the end result looks like with curly hair in the Video Below........

Types of Wefts(Tracks) and its Versatility Explained...

  • Bulk for methods of strand by strand installs
  • Clip Ins for parting your hair into sections and simply snapping the weft onto your hair. You can take these on and off and re-position them within minutes. 
  • Wefts regular wefts that can be used for various sew ins with an ideal braid pattern
  • Closures which can be used to mimic a a human scalp. This is still one of the very latest black hair styles. You can make your own wig with this option as well

I recommend the following for the various hair types...

4a-4b hair which is more Kinky I recommend the kinky straight bundle.

3c - 4b hair which has a kinky Curly pattern I suggest the kinky curly bundle.

4b-4c hair texture should consider, afro kinky wefts for you installs.

For an in between look with less poof consider course yaki hair

  • Relaxed Beauties: For relaxed or transitioning women to go with Virgin Indian or Brazilian hair. 

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Protective Styling: Double Rope Bun

The rope bun is still considered one of the latest black hair styles among black women with natural hair today. The look involves the use of Jumbo hair, used for braiding that's secured with bobby pins to keep the hair in place. 

If your lifestyle or job demands a style that doesn't require maintenance or heat on it everyday, then this is a great look to consider. I like hair styles such as this particular look. The style is created with Kanekalon hair because you can wear them as an elegant Updo, and dress it up with hair accessories or dress it down with no accessories as an everyday look.

Make no mistake selecting a hairdo such as this which can be created yourself for just under $2.

Hair By: Curly Demensions Salon

See it in Action Below............

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Shaved Sides

Below is the Vixen Sew In mentioned above as one of the latest black hair styles with Shaved sides using the two part weaving method (i.e. able to part in Two ways).

Shaving one side of the head and styling the opposite may be old but the look still remains popular and is all the rage in the black community as one of the latest black hair styles today.  

See it In Action Below...

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