Seductive long curly hair styles !

Find long curly hair styles, and curly hairstyles for long hair, which are sassy enough to bring attitude and sex appeal. Whether you enjoy the look of natural curly hair, or just have the desire to emulate the look. Allow the following to show you the various ways to flaunt a curl.  

long curly hair styles

Tumbling Curls

This look has a rich dark shade which looks stunning on
long curly hair once conditioned and set with rollers. Allow these curls to drop and tumble free to accentuate gloss, and bring luxury.

compatible face shapes: Oval, Square

curly hairstyles for long hair

Long Curly Upstyle

Wearing your hair up can come off appearing ruthless, when styling your curly hair long .

Avoid this by curling the hair prior to pinning and up styling. You can achieve this with your curling irons or setting it with rollers.

After curling, pin small segments of hair to give it a well balanced shape. Allow pieces of strands to flow for softening the style. 

Compatible face shapes: Oval, Square

long curly hair style

Voluminous Long Curls

If desired, one can imitate a shorter look of curly long hair, with a set of volumized tightly curled tendrils.

Create the curls with flexi rods, or even piece by piece with your curling iron. The key to this big look is to tease, tease and tease some more to create as much volume as you can.

The teasing alone will make a curly hair long style, just a few inches shorter if you happen to like the idea.

Compatible face shapes: Oval, Square

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Seductive Barrel Curls

long curly hair styles, with a smooth crown combined with a bottom half of big barreled curls gives a two texture effect.

To get the exact look of these stiff curls, opt for the roller setting method when styling. Be sure to position the rollers between mid length and the ends of the hair.

The smooth cut fringes (bangs) are optional but does add flavor and makes the style more seductive.

Compatible face shapes: Oval, Round

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Romantic Loose Curls

curly hair long styles such as this one, is perfect for an every day look as it isnt to high fashion looking, unrealistic, or over the top.

The style was approached with clean dry hair; large segments of hair were sprayed with medium styling spray, and wrapped loosely around a big barrel curling iron.

As you can see the front  sections were curled away from her face, while the side sections were curled in many other directions. 

Compatible face shape: Oval

curly hair long

Plait w/Curls

A stylish loose side braid is a great way to keep your hair out of your face, and still be able to make a statement when styling a long curly hair style .

Get this look by shaping a three strand plait to be braided around the hairline. Secure the braid by wrapping a clear rubber band at the ends.

Next, heat up a medium to large size curling tong and spray sections to create loose curls.

Compatible face shape: Oval,Square

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Natural Long Curls

Natural long curly hair styles, such as this one provides nothing but sex appeal within its appearance. It’s very sassy and always gives a natural look of attitude.

Be sure to apply plenty of shine serum as natural curls become very dry specifically towards the ends.

Compatible face shapes: Oval, Square  

curly hair long styles

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