Find All Occasion Long Hair Styles, Ideal for a Variety of Events!

View long hair styles, virtual hair styles, hair coloring styles, and medieval hairstyles.

Browse quinceanera hairstyles, jennifer lopez hairstyles, and many other hairstyles female celebrities.

Take notice of the unique and universal, long hair styles, from many different cultures, eras and ethnic groups.

cute easy Hair Styles

Find cute easy hair styles, with ideas pictures and informational tips for styling easy to do hairstyles..........          

kids hair styles

Find kids hair styles for both boys and girls that are easy and cute and doesn’t require a lot of time when styling hair styles for kids......

beehive hairstyles

A beehive hair style, is also known as the B-52 style and looks the same as a bouffant which is a look of the 60s beehive hair. Let five and more of the following images and videos that are popular and on trend inspire you now.....

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We have put together a page for teenagers to find their favorite teen celebrity long hair styles.

Our page for medieval and “hair color styles”, will accommodate the similarities of “renaissance hairstyles”, you may perhaps be in search of.

Come across ideas to imitate, American pop singer “ashlee simpson hairstyles”, in are ashlee simpson hair, gallery while our mullet hairstyle page will give you pictures and background information of the 1960’s short at the top, and trimmed on the sides beastie boys, long hair styles.

Familiarize yourself with some of our occasional and extraordinary hairstyles for any event, or desired transition within your appearance.

Find looks from “Ruby In Paradise,” actress ashley judd hairstyles, along with American entertainer, and recording artist, britney spears hairstyles.

These are some of the most emulated “celeb hairstyles,” including “sharon stone hairstyles”, and “rihanna hairstyles,” that are idolized by many fans today.

Caring for the hair of children can be a challenge, especially a look of a long hair style, for your child.

Find exciting, and different ways to style your little girl or boy with fun and easy ideas of hairstyles for kids.

Access some of our fashionable “hairstyles Hilary duff,” pictures to get your favorite look from the “cheaper by the Dozen,” star, which is posted on our page specifically for hilary duff hairstyles.

Most of our world-class, trends will be styles that are not ideal for everyday.

However, some of them will be superlative, for any special affair you hope to attend.

Place the emphasis on the styles that suits your current or future needs best.

The majority of our universal and remarkable hair trends are achieved best on most individuals with long hair, but not all.

Many women and men will be eager to grow a stare of lengthy hair, just to express a certain time-period.

For instance, a“1970s hairstyles” or a “wedge hairstyle” such as a “disco hairstyle” from our disco hairstyles, gallery or select a fancy beehive hairstyle, and “geisha hairstyle” from our Japanese hairstyles page.

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(FAQ's) Frequently Asked Questions..

Below we have provided a researched list of common frequently asked questions concerning long hair.

  • Q. How long does it generally take to grow shoulder length hair                                 A. On average, hair can take 30-60 days before you visibly notice the growth of added length.You will usually notice an inch, or two at a time. The diet of each individual will be an essential factor of time it takes, to see results.

  • Q. How long does hair have to be to achieve the look of braids?                              A. Hair should be at least, an inch or two in length in order to maintain a stiff and firm hold

  • Q. What are the best shampoos to use for long hair?                                                A. Utilize a shampoo made for clong hair, such as L’Oreal, Or Pantene Pro-V

  • Q. My lengthy hair always seems to tangle, in small kinks before washing. How do I stop my long hair from knotting before washing                                                         A. Thoroughly brush your hair from the scalp completely down to the roots before washing

  • Q. Can African-Americans get micro-braids with long hair?                                        A. Yes, but be sure to take precaution. Your natural hair which is blended within the weave aka extension, can mistakenly be glued, when using the same color artificial hair as your natural hair.This should only be practiced, and taken down by a professional African hair braider, as safety measures also apply when taking down.

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