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Find 2016 long hairstyles, and every day, hair styles for long hair. Find the perfect long layered hair style, to play up your vibrant layers, and find a full blown gallery of long hair styles photos.

From sexy to flirty, our vibrant and fiery ideas for long hair styles and updos for long hair, are ready to get you compliments.

Long Layered Cut

long layered haircuts

Long layered haircuts, such as a long haircut, with deep layers is an ideal way to reduce weight from your hair, and today the rage is all about the idea of transitioning from a long to short haircut with layers................

Join industry group discussions, and determine the various ways to care for your lengthy tresses in our long hair care forum.

Add texture and temporarily reduce the length of your hair with long curly hair styles.

Long hair trends, has been renowned to create a glamorous statement for years.

For many of us, we love are long hair, but there are many Pros, and Cons that comes to the upholding when caring for lengthier tresses especially thin hair. Our long hair styles for thin hair  and hairstyles for thick hair  page, will fill you in on how to camouflage the appearance of thin or thick hair. See a list of more styles that may interest of you below..................

Ponytail hairstyles

Wedding hairstyles for long hair

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Face shape hairstyle

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Pros and Cons of Long Hairstyles...


Wearing your hair long will give you the opportunity to be very versatile. Here are a few of the pros to wearing long hairstyles.

  • Wear long ponytail’s in a formal way, or as stylish as an everyday, active look
  • Updo’s-Pin your hair, into a simple and stylish updo
  • Wear your hair parted to the side, straight back or even at an angle
  • Create a bun or a creative braid


Although Long hairstyles has its perks, there are many negative aspects to take note of as well.

  • Long hair will carry needless weight onto the head
  • Knots and Tangles, and requires the excessive use of hair products
  • Accumulation of dirt and sweat
  • Takes more time to style, and dry, and is much costlier at salons
  • More prone to split ends and lice
  • Can generate a very unhealthy brittle appearance

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Suggested Hair Care

The caring for long hair will generally rely on the individual basis, of one’s hair type. Below are some of the most common requirements to maintain a stare of healthy long hair.

  • Routine for a regular brush 2x daily, brushing outwards into the ends. This prevents the development if tangling
  • Nourish your hair with a hot oil treatment from time to time
  • Keep the split ends of your hair trimmed
  • Keep away from excessive heat such as, hot irons, and blow dryers
  • Always towel dry after washing, and never brush wet hair, instead use a wide tooth comb. Brushing hair wet, leads to breakage right from the roots

Long hair, have always allowed women to bring out their outer, most feminine side, within themselves.

Permit your long tresses to flow gorgeously on your big day, by veiwing our “long hair wedding styles”, on our particular page of wedding hairstyles for long hair.

Women that are weary of poking, and prodding with their long and hard to manage tresses, should consider some of our fashionable “hair styles for thick hair”, on our hairstyles for thick hair page.

Feel free to take the alternate approach, by reversing your shoulder length hair from curly or wavy, with choppy hairstyles.

Take our ideas of what we call long hairstyles, into a whole new level. We would like to inspire you by delivering a wide range of images, and hair styling tips, while listing some of the hair products used to achieve the best results.

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