"Choose a Long Layered Hair Style to Create Body and Movement Within Your Hair."  

A long layered hair style is great for framing the face and eliminating the weight that lengthier hair will carry when styling long hair layered.

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Strongly cut layers are particularly striking on long dark hair colors such as this one, as it shows off its great condition.

Incorporate flips by curling the ends out and away from the face.

This is the ultimate and most commonly selected method to show off layers when creating a look of long hair layered styles.

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Everyday long Layers


1. Apply a Heat Protecting styling product that’s moisturizing, and blow dry hair with a large barrel brush.

2. Once hair is completely dry, take segments of hair starting at the bottom take your one inch flat iron working the mid shaft, down to the ends, to curl hair outwards and away from the face. 

3. End this style with a soft finishing spray to keep humidity away from the hair.

Under Curled Layers

A long layered hair style with the shortest layer starting at the cheeks of one’s face is a great way to highlight the attention of your cheekbones and frame the face, on shoulder length layered hair.

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1. Self style the look of this long layered hair by distributing styling serum evenly throughout the hair starting from top to bottom.

2. Separate sections of hair to be twisted and placed aside.

3. Approach one section at a time wrapping your large barreled brush around each section and turning it under while blow drying.

4. Repeat until all sections have been completely styled and dried.  

Straight power Fringe

Break for a very fashionable and edgy look with a heavy set of bone straight bangs as one of your selections for long layered hair styles. Bangs will always take center stage with long layers, and those of you with a prominent forehead will do well with a full power fringe, to really make a statement.

long hair layered
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1. Combine a dime size drop of straightening balm and a few drops of shine serum, combing the product through from top to bottom.

2. Take a round brush, and blow dry bangs pulling them forward while applying heat.  

3. Move onto the rest of the hair and blow dry coordinating the brush straight down without curling it under for a neat and chic bone straight look.

4. Snap a piece of pink colored clip In extensions to highlight one side to really enhance and imitate the finished look.

Sophisticated long layers

Rise to the occasion with a sophisticated look of feathered styled layers. This method of layering is one of the most classic and on trend look for any women in search of an everyday long layered style.  Get the look with the self styling scoop below.

long hair layered styles
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1. Apply a heat protectant spray and blow-dry the hair with a large round barrel brush.

2. After hair is one hundred percent dry, take a flat iron starting at the bottom and work from the middle of each section of hair to the ends promoting a straighter appearance, doing this will facilitate the look of having more volume near the base.  

3. Top it off with a dry spray to avoid humidity build up. 

Long Straight Layers

This long layered hair style is all about straightening and shine.

pictures long layered hair
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1. Combine a couple drops of shine serum, mixed with a dime size drop of straightening balm to toweled dried hair.Distribute the product evenly throughout the hair, and create a side part.

2. Take a flat straight brush to blow dry your hair, and coordinate the nozzle in a downwards position while brushing. Doing this will eliminate frizz, making the hair appear extra shiny and straight.


Pro Tip: to get an even straighter look, start the styling at the rear of your head, and around the nape of your neck. Push hair forward to assist in the base of your head to be used as something like an ironing board to straighten.

Pictures of long layered hair!

shoulder length layered hair
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long layered hair
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long layered hair styles
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