Must See Medium Hair Styles! 
 Versatile and Ready to Update Your Current Look! 

Medium hair styles you must see if your current mid length hair needs an update. 

If you consider your hair as, “Not too short or not too long”, you have what the beauty industry considers to be “medium,” and hairstyles for medium hair, can be extremely versatile, compared to any other length. This length is widely known to provide you with two hairstyles in one. 

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Anyone with hair landing just above the ear your hair is most definitely considered short, and if the length of your hair lands past the shoulders your hair is what most women will consider to be  “long” or either “medium long” anywhere in between that, are considered to be medium length hairstyles.                        

If you happened to be a woman with much longer hair, than what’s measured medium you’ve probably been contemplating a new trim. If so, before making this move, remember there are a lot of new things to regard before considering a new style especially if it involves a new trim. Things such as your body type, height, weight and face shape, and your facial features should all be taken into account, and a skilled and caring hairstylist will be mindful of this, because, once its cut, its cut girlfriend and you have to bear with not liking it every day, and that means literally everyday that you wake up for work and school while patiently waiting for it to grow back to your liking.

I recommend you trying a wig as a consideration for your updated medium length hair style, especially if you are considering a bob type medium length haircut.

Bob w/ Piano Highlights

Bob w/ Piano Highlights

I'm sure you can probably agree that medium hair styles such as bobs will always and forever be a real classic for most women with medium length hair.

It has an array of remarkable alternatives.  

This is a trend that the industry will never grow tired of, as you can do so many different things with medium bob hairstyles, and medium length bob hairstyles with choppy bangs for an edgier sexier look.   

Deep Layers w/ Voluminous Curls

Big sexy voluminous curls with deep layers for added movement and reduction of bulk.

A look of medium layered hairstyles, will give your tresses that big sexy voluminous type stare.

Consider asking your stylists to incorporate layers into your hair as medium hair styles with layers is known to add volume.

Pointed Layers

The addition of bangs which is also known as having a “Fringe”, will benefit the appearance of having a prominent forehead.

The question of adding bangs or no bangs on medium hair styles with layers is relatively easy. But which one would you choose, or should you be choosing?

I would honestly have to add a little interest and flavor to my medium hair style to keep it from being boring.

The addition of bangs which is also known as having a “Fringe”, will benefit the appearance of having a prominent forehead when styling your layered medium hairstyles.

This is great if you happened to be insecure about your forehead.

Tight Ringlets

Tight ringlet curls will add an appearance of instant glam. Dress it up or down according to what you wear.

Adding curls can be another cool option for spicing up hairstyles for medium length hair.

Curls will add an appearance of instant glam to your medium hair, providing you with plenty of body and movement, when you or your stylist is crafting a look of medium length curly hairstyles.

Bone Straight and Sleek

This particular look is great for showcasing the luster and overall health your hair such as any style that's worn straight.

This particular look is great for showcasing the luster and overall health your hair such as any style that's worn straight. 

This look is a simple and serene type Do.

If the outfit you’re wearing demands the most attention, this is one of the medium hair styles that will most definitely be the approach you will want to take.  

This look will involve the application of a straightening balm to achieve the look of medium straight hairstyles.

Whichever one of the medium hair styles you choose, it is important that you choose one to frame your face. Many sites give you the option to upload your personal picture and try on hair styles. Doing this will only give you 50 percent of an idea of what you can expect a particular hairstyle to look on you, As mentioned above, rather you choose to sacrifice your existing longer length hair due to a highly inspired look on a celebrity or in a magazine, stay mindful of the fact that once your hair is cut its cut, and you run the risk of not liking it and waiting for it to grow back every day.

Investing in a wig can save that headache, as it allows you see how this style would look and flow against your actual face and body. The purchase of medium hair styles in the form of a wig will also be ideal for women with shorter hair if you crave a hot medium look and do not have the patience to wait until your existing hair grows out.

Doing this will give you a 90 percent idea of rather or not you will realistically like this look against your face.

And just note that an honest hairstylist will recommend this as well, though very few do. Being honest is key, so which style will choose? Good Luck!

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