Medium Short Hair Styles

Get medium short hair styles which best completes the look for stylishly creating a stare of short to medium hair styles.

Our gallery of short medium hair styles will display a unique and sexy stare of medium short trends.

This particular extent of hair will be that in between hair length, which measures anywhere from your ear, and on down to the surface of your chin.

These styles tend to be very beneficial due to the available amount of styling options it brings.

Layered Barrel Curls

short to medium hair styles

Styling Details: achieve this style by applying a reasonable amount of curl defining creme. Proceed by drying the hair with your diffuser to create a soft appearance, and curl as desired.

Avoid brushing as this creates volume versus shape.

Fact: most men and women, a good medium to short haircut style will last a maximum of six to eight weeks. After that, the hairstyle will start to fuzz at the ends, drop its shape, and appear messy.

Typical trimmings with the scissors will be a must, for maintaining a stylish look of medium short hair styles. This will alleviate any split ends which may develop, creating an appearance of sharp and healthy looking hair.

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                                                                                                                                                         Medium Short Bob

medium short hair styles

One of the biggest advantages to medium short hair styles, is that it provides an inspiring, and elevated look within the face. This is a factor of its provided length presented to be, not too long and not to short.

Styling Details: A short and sleek mid length bob appears super chic on women with a one tone hair color. Blow dry the hair smooth.

Proceed by straightening the hair with your ceramic 1" flat irons. Finish with a shine spray for added luster.

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Smooth Flips

medium short hair styles for 2011

A smooth side swept fringe is a great contrast when sporting a look of nice bouncy free and flowing flips from slightly curled up ends.

Styling Details: Incorporate a part or no part at all to create the bangs on the sides, combing the hair completely down to the ends.

Take sections of your hair preferably a 1 1/2" wide curlng tong, curling the hair outwards to avoid making a complete curl.

Doing this should provide the desired flips. Finish with a light holding spray if desired.

Compatible face shapes

Consider some of the suggested facial shapes below prior to establishing the distinctive look of medium short hair styles.

Oblong face: Affords well for medium to short hair styles in length. This unique shape is when the face appears longer than it is wide. Steer clear from longer tresses which results in the appearance of having a longer face. This particular piece will present flawless versus anything lengthy.

Rectangular face: This particular face shape appears long and narrow. Some women and men with a rectangular shaped face will have a slimmer looking chin, while some will have a more prominent forehead. A medium short hair style will detract the appearance of the lengthy face, in which the rectangular shaped face contains. Add width to the overall hairstyle, by creating curls which generates bulk on the sides.

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