Military Haircuts

Find military haircuts and military school haircuts, which are typically worn by members of the military during basic training.

Military cuts will usually enclose a tight shave around the neck following the natural growth of hair. The idea is to produce a clean, accurate cut while avoiding the look of uneven ends.

The upholding of military hair cuts are very convenient due to its brush and go features. These hair cuts will suit just about every occasion and looks great on all men of ages.

Whether you’re in the service or obtaining a new job which requires a conservative and tidy appearance, or just have the desire to express the militant look for your everyday lifestyle. Below are some of the most common military cuts today.

Crew Cut

military school haircuts

This hair appears short at the top, and gradually becomes longer starting at the front of the hairline and shortest in the back with a tapered finish. Depending on how short the “crew cut” is, it could sometimes be identified as a buzz cut or butch cut.

Applied Blade

The suggested blades to achieve the typical cut such as this one would be a No.1 blade for both the back and sides, and a No.2 blade at the crown, leaving a little more length towards the front.

Butch Cut

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Is an all around even amount in hair length, just a little shorter than the crew cut, and slightly longer than the burr haircut mentioned above in which some people refer to it as worldwide. This is also considered to be another one of the best low maintenance military haircuts.

Applied Blade

This cut requires a close shave to both the back and sides, followed by the cutting with a No.2 blade at the crown.

High and Tight

Is one of the well liked military cuts by members of the Marine Corps, and even some athletes has been one of the most selected of them all. The haircut is an alternative to the buzz cut. This particular military trim is quite striking to the cheekbones, and eyes, as it puts the focus of the two at great attention.

Flat Top haircut

The idea of this military trim is to make the top appear flat as a box. Cosmetology schools will sometimes refer to it as the text book style. I’ve found through my experience that most people define this as being flat enough to balance a textbook on top of the head.

The hair on top measures at about a half of an inch and no longer than a whole inch in length.

Note: One of the biggest advantages to this hair cut is that it doesn’t require you to shave your entire head. The overall look provides you the appearance of a flat stare leaving it longest and leveled at the crown, while the rest of the hair remains shaved.

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