Live Chemical Free w/ Natural Hairstyles

Natural hairstyles will hold the natural texture of one’s hair from birth.

Discover your hair type, recommended hair care, and available styling options.

The look of natural hair creates cultural expressions among black men and women as it embraces its curls, coils, and kinks. Some of them can look very ethnic, and beautiful. Lauryn Hill, Erykah Badu, and Maxwell were some of the few celebrities who mainstreamed the stare of natural hair styles in the nineties.

Understanding the needs of women wearing natural hair styles or transitioning from the right products to the right services is very important.

Creative Ideas for styling Natural Hair

Styling Options

Among the various looks of natural hairstyles to choose from, many of them are worn with weave, and the biggest advantage is that most of them if not all, are considered to be protective hair styles. Protective hair styles keep the natural hair folded and sealed away as it protects the ends of your hair promoting its regular moisture.

Below are some of the most popular and common hair styles for achieving a look of natural hairstyles.

Protective natural hairstyle with box braids(singles). #27 color used


Protect your hair and ends from heat damage and other stressors involved with everyday styling with protective hairstyling. 


Discover the many ways to rock the texture of waves with natural hair.

Natural curly hairstlyle


Curls are very sassy and are instantly glamorous due to its texture. Get inspired with modern ideas and wear them right.  

Ideas for straightening natural hair


Uncover some of the most underestimated and alternative methods to straightening natural hair without heat.

Hairstyles specifically for type 4c hair texture

4c Hairstyles

Hair Type 4c is the common hair type in african american women. Find ways to express your 4c hair. 

natural hairstyle ideas with twist


Twists comes in a variety of methods from senegales twist, kinky twist, to twists out. Find one that suits your lifestyle. 

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What is Your Hair Type?

According to the most common hair types for natural hairstyles are as follows............

Type 4-Kinky

Kinky, fragile, and tightly curled with a prominent curl pattern. This particular hair type can vary from being fine and thin, or wiry and thick, with many of the strands packed densely together. T4(type4) hair has less layers of cuticles than any other hair type, resulting in it to have less protection against styling damage from brushing, combing, curling, blow-drying, and straightening. This hair type can shrink up to 75% of its actual hair length.

Circumference: size of crochet needle or smaller

4b: Has a “Z” pattern which happens to be a less defined curl. Instead of the hair curling and coiling up the hair tends to bend in a sharp angle like the letter “Z” with cotton like touch to it.

4a: has a definite curl pattern, with an “S” shape when stretched. This hair type behaves very much like curly hair, and tends to have more moisture, than a person with 4b type hair.

4a Type Hair

Example of what 4a Type Hair looks like.

4b Type Hair

Example of what 4b Type Hair look like

4c Type Hair

Example of what 4c type hair looks like.

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Type 3c-Curly Kinky

This hair type has its own particularities with its tight corkscrew looking curls. Lots of strands are packed densely together with curls ranging from very tight and curled or kinky. Blow-drying this hair straight can be much more challenging than the blow-drying of a 3a or 3b type hair.

Circumference: pencil (or) straw

Type 3- Curly Hair

This hair pattern has a prominent shape of an “S” pattern, with well defined and springy like curls. This hair type is soft; very fine as it is simple to style in its natural state and easy to blow dry. A combination of type 3a and 3b curls are not uncommon.

3b: can range from bouncy ringlets to corkscrew patterns.

Circumference: Sharpie size

3a: Naturally big loose and very shiny

Circumference: Sidewalk -chalk size

3a Type Hair

Here is an example of 3a Type Hair

3b Type Hair

Example of 3b type hair

3c Type Hair

3c Type Hair

Type 2-Wavy hair

The wave or curl pattern is in the shape of an “S” throughout the head. This type 2 hair sticks close to the head and wont bounce up even when layered.

2c: thick, coarse, resistant to styling and frizzes easily.

2b: medium-textured very little resistant to styling, with a tendency to frizz

2a: fine, thin and very easy to style, straighten or curl




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