Cute Pixie Haircuts for Very Short Hair

Short pixie haircuts will take the attention off women with prominent cheekbones. 

Many pixie hair cut pictures will show models with sharp, angular, and noticeably defined faces. Some women view this hair as being a little too much on the, “not so girly/feminine side”, but this myth doesn’t stop the many women with hair remaining just above the ear in length, and the industry refers to this as being a “very short trim”.

Deep Layeres

pixie hair cut pictures

Styling Details: This short cut is in fact very versatile and affords well with spikes, flips, steep layers and so much more.

It’s often worn with side swept layered bangs, which adds flavor to the spunky and daring appearance as it assist in putting the emphasis on those gorgeous eyes.

This cut in general promotes you the option of styling it into a short looking Mohawk, for women who enjoy the stare of a punk rocker style.

Bold and Blonde

pixie haircuts

Styling Details: Short pixie hair cuts such as this one is great for expressing the look of power, strength and boldness in women. This hair cut is very compatible to the average corporate and career working woman.

In order to make the most out of styling your short pixie look, it is essential to go to a professional hair stylist who is recognized for his or her cutting skills.

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Brilliant Shine

low maintenance pixie haircut

Styling Details:

Very short pixie cuts, such as this one are even better during the warmer seasons, as the hair appears lightest in weight.

This hair style uses less styling products, and is cheaper to have styled by your hairdresser, as it takes half the amount of time and effort than the styling of longer length hair cuts.

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Brush and Go

pixie haircuts for women

Styling Details:

If you’re a woman on the move, and in search of a brush and go type of hair style, then this particular pixie, or one similar will be ideal

Simply apply a dime size drop of styling lotion or gel to your hair then brush and style as desired.

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