Ponytail Hairstyles

Ponytail hairstyles are and will always be a, stylish classic and low maintenance look.

Whatever the occasion is, find ways to dress it up or down with ten of the most top fashionable ponytails.

ponytail hairstyles


Let the hair accessory of an elegant ponytail be the focal point of your look.

This style is great for clubbing and classy for any upscale formal engagement or just a fun night out on the town.

This style is great for clubbing and classy for any upscale formal engagement

Straight and Sleek

This particular pony is all about condition and shine, as its sleek straight and shiny blown out look shows the overall health of its hair.

Straightening balm can be used to achieve this look.  

Straight and Sleek ponytail for any occasion

Ponytail w/ Beehive

Ponytail hair styles with the beehive is stylish and can be worn as an everyday look.

It’s ideal for adding height and lengthening a round face.

The braid around the pony makes it appealing.

Ponytail with Beehive

Active Ponyatil

This basic ponytail gives off a very active yet stylish appearance.

A look like this affords well with a cute sweat suit for you to work out in style right before hitting the gym for a good workout.

Active Ponytail great for the gym

Ponytail w/ Braids

A pony with a duo of sleek braids and a tight twisted ponytail is becoming a new look this season.

The mix of textures makes it very playful if you’re capable of pulling your tresses up.

Ponytail with Braids

All Ocassion

This is one of the ponytail hair styles that focuses on having a nicely cut fringe (bang).

This ponytail is great for masking the look of having a large forehead, and works for all occasions.

All Occasion ponytail

High Fashion

This high fashion pony is everything but an everyday hair style.

The look is fresh off the runway, and is now becoming more and more popular.

This playful look is great for partying or clubbing.

High Fashion ponytail ideal for certain types of modeling

Side Swept and Formal

This pony looks good when styling medium to long ponytail hairstyles, as it appears not to done.

The big loose curls bring texture.

Top it with the right accessory for the proper occasion.

1950's w/Pin Curl

This side swept ponytail gives a 1950’s effect with its over-sized Pin curl at the crown.

Add texture to the pony by adding large barrel curls then separate with fingers for a tousled look.

1950's ponytail with Pin Curl

Prom and Weddings

This to the side pony is a very neat and sleek look.

It looks absolutely stunning and fits well for proms, and even weddings as a brunette colored bride can totally pull this neat chic look off.  

This ideal ponytail hairstyles is ideal for Prom and Weddings.

Miscellaneous Ponytails

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