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Get prom hair long styles Ideas pictures and styling info of prom hairstyles for long hair to make you stand out at your next High School Prom.

View five of the top HOT and most wanted long hair prom styles just below or see the very bottom for the traditional looks......

Half Up-Half down

1. This is one of the stunning prom hairstyles for long hair, when running for prom queen, as it doesn’t appear to over the top, but still sits very glamorous and stands out.

The long prom look is considered to be a half up, half down hair style, due to its up styled beehive, placed at the crown and its gorgeous set of precisely set spiral curls in the back.

Sleek Upstyle

2. This updo has a very neat sleek and well balanced look.

Depending on how thick your tresses are, you can have your stylist help you imitate this look by either using your own hair, or with a readymade faux hair piece.

 If you’re comfortable with the appearance of your neck and forehead, go for it, because either method will give you the similar effect.

Volumized curls

3. This is one of the fancy prom hair long styles which appear very voluminous in style.

This look is great for girls who wish to have that bed hair look, with big voluminous teased hair combined with curls.

Any skilled stylist knows that, the key to this look is actually all about its teasing, which is also known as backcombing.

So rather it’s you or your stylist to approach this look, I suggest that you curl and tease as much as you dare!

Tight Ringlets

4. A smooth front with a back full of texture, gives this long prom look, a well balanced stare.

The hair is parted on the side, where it is then swooped, and combed back with styling gel, positioned behind the ear.

The back is set with styling rods to produce the tight little ringlets.

You can also produce these ringlets with your half inch curling tongs piece by piece, but for this occasion, setting the hair is best to avoid the falling of curls.It’s all a matter of preference in the look of the curls will flow.


5. Consider this two-texture look as a choice for one of your prom hair long styles.

A smooth front set of bangs combined with loose curls brings attitude and adds flavor to the style.

The bangs are what really can be a life saver for those of you that suffer severe acne; you know the stubborn or sudden cystic acne at the wrong time that makeup just won’t cover.

It’s also ideal for girls who may be uncomfortable with the appearance of their forehead.

You can still be cute looking back at your prom pictures without looking as if you were uncomfortable or insecure. 

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Have your say about the Hairstyles, Styling Methods and Products, You just seen ! Leave me a comment in the box below.

New! Comments

Have your say about the Hairstyles, Styling Methods and Products, You just seen ! Leave me a comment in the box below.